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The first step of your success comes from the knowledge you have gained during school days and the information gained during learning in your life would never be forgotten. In the early stage of Tiny Tots they always keep on asking a question, what is Education? It is an approved procedure by which society deliberately transfers its grown skills, knowledge, values and customs from one generation to another. It is a widespread, universal brain is a means through which the aims and practices of people endure from one generation to the next. Usually, it arises through any experience that has an influential effect on the technique one thinks acts or feels. An important learning is at the emotion of a civil society, and at the heart of a extensive learning is the act of teaching. The most powerful weapon to change the world is Education. To open an individual’s mind, to seek the knowledge about every aspect education is must. The purpose of learning is to substitute an empty mind with an open one. It is an admirable thing.


Most important activity of an individual is to seek knowledge, it is vital human asset and it is a huge necessity for the better development of society. It has been precisely said that without training, human is an amazing slave and rational violent. To seek learning is a crucial human virtue. Man gets modernized through education as it brings into concentration to the social aspect. Education makes a man perfect and superior. There is great quote written by Aristotle “Educated men are as much superior to illiterate as the living are to the dead”. Teaching transforms an animal being into a human being, it is an emblem of freedom and also essential base of good life.


As Education is a back-bone of India, important for overall development and personal growth cannot be ignored. It helps us to learn and to know ourselves and it shows the path to achieve what we want in our life and how to shape it. It is provided by the private as well as public sector with a control and support coming from the three levels such as local, central and state. The oldest department of education was Nalanda University. With the establishment of British Raj in India Western education became embedded into the Indian society. In the present census India has made a vital progress in terms of growing primary education and expanding literacy rate by two thirds of the population. Distance education facilities are also given to the students  


Various education system are been recognized for the massive progress especially in Scientific research and higher education. Today there are number of institutions of education in India but then too the common mass is illiterate. The question arise is how is it possible to educate the common mass and approach the need of education system? According to my vision there should be an increase in number of teachers, have smaller sizes of class, build more schools and colleges etc. in this way we can improve the level of education and increase the literacy rate of our country. There is a true saying “Padhega India tabhi to Badhega India


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