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How do you protect your science - art on line?

How do you protect your science- art on line? This is the question asked by a person on Scientific American and shared it on linked-in. You can read it here:

and here:

And my reply to him:

Want to copy my work? Okay, go ahead and try it!And see what happens! All most all the people in the science based art and science-art arena in the world have seen and know my signature-specific work and they can easily recognize it and will tell me if somebody copies my work! Nobody can escape with all those eyes watching! People around the world themselves are my culture cops.
Okay let me get serious. Personally I feel knowledge belongs to the whole world. If people get too greedy and demand lots of money to give knowledge they possess what will people who cannot afford it do? Shall we limit knowledge to only a few rich who can buy it? I don’t subscribe to this idea of “knowledge for sale”! It makes people steal! I give information for free on my network.
But if people who try to pass off my work as theirs, I get a bit annoyed in the initial stages. At the same time, can you stop if people try to steal “parts of your ideas” on the internet and propagate them as their own? No, you can’t. However, imitation is imitation and won’t be like the original. A person who is copying can never go as far as the person with original thoughts and ideas does.
This fake intellectual identity shows up at some time or the other and gives clues to “copying crimes”.
So don’t bother about such mean mentalities. Try to Stand out in a crowd and your work protects itself with its unique bar code! Like the one I have on

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