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Press Release: The Scientific And Artistic Combination

Dr. Krishna Challa is an interesting doctor that puts a spin on combining the beauty of art with life science. I was fascinated to learn about the intellectual side as well as the creative side of this talented artist of science and art.

Dr. Krishna K. Challa
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"I am very passionate about art & have been painting since my childhood. I love science too & therefore did my Ph.D. in Life sciences. I wanted to bring together these two great fields & bring harmony between them. People usually think they are two separate fields. But believe me there is art in science & science in art. One has to understand science fully to get themes from it. Artists usually don't understand science well to do this. And scientists don't get time to paint. This is a very rare idea- only a handful of scientists tried to do this but all that they did was paint the pictures of genes, cells, microbes etc. that we already see in science books. My work has themes from science & I tried to make themes interesting & succeeded in doing so. My art gallery was first of its kind on the web that has original paintings based on science, Dr. Challa states.

The Dr. has a keen vision for figuring out what works and what makes sense not only with art but she is well accomplished in the sciences too. Dr. Challa also keeps us all safe with her scientific discovery that can keep food free of toxins. Dr. Challa stated, "I worked on toxins produced by certain Micro-organisms in food products & found solutions to stop these toxins from being produced & also detoxify the contaminated food." This peeked my interest in understanding the complex elements that are needed in order to master the art of scientific discovery.

The scientist/ Doctor Challa has a clear direction of how she is planning for her niche focus to stand out, she will surely be a trend setter with her form of art and science trend setting. I have more than 1200 artist friends from all over the world. I am a member of about 150 art groups. I have an on line art gallery I am the co originator of an art project & online art gallery that is about to go on line in Feb, 2009, which is working for the group women for a change. I am also thinking of starting an artist networking site which will probably go on line in Feb., 2009. Dr. Challa is works hard and very fast to present her ideas, now I am more into art than science as I am also doing research work in the field of art now. On Feb fourth I started a group called SCI-ART LAB on

The art and skill of science research and discovery has often perplexed me, but through her work Dr. Challa will "bring harmony between these two fields. She will popularize science through art. To tell the world how close these two fields are."

The Doctor is relentless with her persistence to conquer the science as well as the art world simultaneously. Dr. Challa stated, "I am a multi tasker. I want to be in both the fields." I definitely know the feeling, creativity has a way of growing on the creator. It is very easy to develop a wide range of creativity and expand in what looks like two different directions. Creative genius can always combine elements that don't seem to make sense, but synergy will pull all the ideas into alignment.

I was very pleased to have learned that this artist of two professions has been encouraged to make good with her talent and not told to pursue other endeavors.
"Everybody encouraged me & nobody discouraged me. The moment I started my on line art gallery a few months back, I got recognition. People from all over the world send me lots of supporting messages daily. This gives me great strength to go ahead with my work," Dr. Challa said.

To See More Art Work From Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa Click Here

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on February 27, 2009 at 11:42am
Thanks , Mr. Vahadane.
Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on February 18, 2009 at 8:45am
Thanks, Lushy, for posting this article here. It is a bit embarrassing for me to approve this article, but my friends wanted it here too. So it is here for everyone to see.



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