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Recently one West-based sci-artist friend of mine complained to me that people are not giving funds for sci-art much. "They don't believe us when we tell them... "

"Tell them the truth because majority of the scientists already know the truth", I interrupted her.

She was shocked. "What?! Do you think we are lying?" she asked me.

"No, I don't say that but you are exaggerating things"

"In what way?"

"Read the articles I wrote on this very topic", I told her and sent her these links:

There are more than 1500 people associated with sci-art who read each one of them but not one could 'prove' me wrong till now.

On the contrary several scientists told me they agree with me and that my views had changed their perception of science-art .

People might not like my words but truth is truth. And we here on Sci-Art lab network are very straight forward. We are not like others who praise, exaggerate, and lift sci-art to the sky. It is not a religion for us to believe in it without questioning. It is just a subject and must be treated as such with both merits and demerits getting equal preference. We show things exactly as they are!!!

Many authors of papers and articles  on science-art told me nobody will read their papers and write ups so much as they do it here! I told them, "Who will read  boring praises day in and day out? People prefer honesty. And we do honest  analysis here. Maybe that attracts people to this network".

There are hundreds - the list includes scientists, artists, sci-artists, writers, educators, curators, show organizers, journalists, teachers, students - who read what I write and post here but none gave me a convincing reply till now to the questions I posed. That is the power of truth!

After reading the articles my friend who complained too didn't contact me again.


I request people who visit this network and read all my blogs to contemplate on the issues I discuss and find solutions instead of complaining and arguing. We are working towards improvement of sci-art so our articles try to bring people out of the their comfort zones and make people  think! These are not to make people feel good about themselves and become complacent and negligent. SCI-Art lab is not for the cowards!

One has to be brave to accept the truth, see a thing as it is, analyze it, and take measures to correct the situation, and bring radical changes to progress in the field. We stand for progress. Are you with us too?

An enemy who criticizes you is always better than a friend who praises you! If you are a person of real 'grey matter' you will understand the logic behind my words  - Krishna

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