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Você é minha eu sou teu_Texto_Sidnei Piedade

                     You are my I am your brilliance is like the sun .... I am your boat to sail in calm and rough waters no matter the weather ... for I am your angel to guide you. I am the target, hunted and hunter, his second skin engaging and seductive, the infinite half of which you are one. We are body and alma..você is mine I am yours where I live stuck your password feeding nectar and sap ... because before you ever existed. Bless God you came where he was the first ... I also love coming into my life. Piece mi nha life will always be yours ... come with me, it is not a sin, I want you to touch me and feel wha  t I feel for you ... because you never loved like that. Take care of me as I care for you ... because you are my I am yours.                                                     

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