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by: Vishwa Abhikrishna

We are surrounded by the thoughts.

These thoughts give birth to our intention; on the one hand thoughts are

the basis of intention and on the other intention creates our personality.

During this process the consciousness­­ of a person becomes the main

energy source of the building of personality.

A person's mind and heart are the most sensitive areas in his body & personality.

These are the main pillars of body's whole laboratory, with different sense- be it smell,

sight, sound, taste or touch- providing the continuous stream of thoughts,

the thoughts mingle with biological chemicals working on the energy of consciousness.

These thoughts and chemicals both affect each-other.

As the result of it our heart and mind receive some feelings in forms of thought.

To build a healthy personality one has to be continuously conscious of these feelings.

It is important to keep watch on these thoughts during one's whole journey of life.

A wise scrutiny can only give a meaningful feeling because

the heart is the emotional field of a person, our feelings are controlled by

this field and they affect whole life-journey.

They work as ours in the making of the personality and

these feelings provide us a balance and
the juice of life on the face of our life with these feelings we retain
a kind of objectivity while passing through the life.

This objectivity is our confidence which feeds internal energy and

work as a propeller towards the direction of the goal.

This objectivity is the blades of the propeller of contentment in life,

which takes our consciousness shrouded in a personality towards a certain act.

Only the well-defined-healthy personality's feeling can become

the feeling of the divinity of life in our heart.

These feeling only can activate each and every part of our body's laboratory.

The energy in its different modes works in a certain rhythm,

the changes brought by them is the speed of life's development.

In its totality these are the processes of continuous life,

and that's how the life finds its ultimate meaning in the most clear of terms.

That's the main reason; the physical appearance of

today's human is quite different from the older times.

During a long period of history the human-being developed

both mentally as well as physically.

That's why one should watch one's short comings in order to develop.

Only then can the life process find a clear and beautiful direction.

The darkness of our life is also a hidden stream of the river of life.

This darkness, in its other form comes out and illuminates the life.

Darkness and light, the two opposite forms of same energy pass through

the invisible transparency that is the process

relative functional situation which is beyond the matter.

These norms and processes are being guided by

the center of the infinite and the possibilities are happening in

this entire endless-space and we are the spirit of life as
human beings on the surface of earth.

In this process, through nature our intellectual development is still going on.

On this planet earth only the human beings are the only

thinking liveliness and hence a query arises in them.

The want of physical pleasures binds us in a limited individual sphere,

that's why we seem not an ordinary human being, but an inhuman part of an

artificial process because we are totally ignorant of the natural rhythm of this earth.

We should realize that the realization of this endless power in its

most hilarious way is the feeling which is most intimate to us.

The endless power strives to live this feeling in human beings because

we are the face of nature... We are nature.

That's why here thought is a question.

Because of the lack of synchronization between

"Human and Nature" the divine power is not able to express itself in us.

Our present civilization has many conflicting directions.

It is not coping with the nature.

It is not flowing with the nature. It is defying the pace and

development of the nature, then is a part of the nature and
nature has a certain rhythm, for the last thousands of years

human has flowed with the rhythm.

He/She grew according to the rules of the nature;

he/she danced on the rhythm, on the music of the nature.

He/She was like a small child who is at peace with his/her mother.

He/She follows his/her mother in the wilderness and the chaos of the

cosmic upheavals and mother warp always there to protect

him/her suddenly he/she become impatient.

He/She wanted to have it all, in one go, and

he/she rejects the guiding finger of his/her mother,

and ran away he/she broke the rhythm.

Not only has that he/she forced his/her mother to accompany him/her.

He/She drags her, the "Mother Nature", on the road towards destruction,

which he/she saw as development.

During this period the clothes of Mother Nature are being torn,

her skin has big rashes, the blood started to ooze out.

She is crying, even now, but her most favorite
son/daughter.: Continue to drag her.

That's wrong.

That's utterly wrong,

but most people blinded by temporary gains can't see it.
Jesus, Mohammad, Nanak, Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna and

like minded sages has been telling "Humanity" for

so long that it is neither the right direction,

nor the right pace that we are leading but in vain.

This is the time to stop and watch within one's self.

It is time to take stock of losses and gains.

This is the time when the entire civilization is going

through a phase of change, a change for better or
the worse that's what we are going to decide.

We should adopt here and now a style of living which is in accordance with
the rhythm of the nature so that the music of divinity could be played,
because without the rhythm there is no music,

only cacophony, only noise, meaninglessness.

It is not preached to anyone; it is the mirror
of nature's flow, an awakening alarm.


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Comment by Vishwa Abhikrishna on September 16, 2010 at 5:08am
Thanks Dr. Krishna!
Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on September 16, 2010 at 4:55am
How True!



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