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Recently I came across some "artscience" projects sites on internet - you can see one here: and another here:

. After reading the project information they gave on their website pages, I felt there is absolutely no art in them! They are completely science-projects done by art-related people! What is the purpose of these projects? Okay artists can learn about science and have some fun in conducting  field experiments like scientists do. Also artists can experience how scientists and astronaughts feel while working in respective their fields."Citizen science", "science work conducted by ordinary citizens" are some of the important words used the people who conduct these projects.

But don't schools around the world conduct these projects? Yes, they do!

Can artists find something new or discover something new while working in these projects ? No, I don't think so!

Is it a great experience? Yes, it is for artists. But  artists can have such experiences by visiting science-fairs and exhibitions too!

Can artists create new art based on these experiences in science? After searching several science-art websites I haven't come across work of much importance. People make tall claims in the  media, but later on I find these claims are like gas-less balloons flying only for a brief period.

Are they enriching the art world? Again I don't think so -   after sifting through the sci-art works this opinion is based on solid proof! Even art critics agree with me.

Are they helping science? Yes! Scientists are smart enough to make artists come their way, get all the limelight of their work through media and have exposure of science in the process!

Because art or no art, " school science" is definitely there in these projects!

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