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These are the reasons why Art Lab was created:

Lab is a place where great minds work.
People get relaxed & enjoy too in a lab.
This is where curiosity lives & the desire to find or invent something new thrives.
Lab is the abode of " Never-say-die " spirit.
All positive vibrations & light originating from this place lighten up the world.
This is where experimentation of all kinds takes place & re-search goes on.
Everything that is theoritically learnt can be put into practice here.
Truth & only truth is brought before the world in a lab.
The arts of thinking & creating have their roots in a lab.
When art is brought to such an atmosphere, its greatness is enhanced by all the above factors.

Communicating complex science using simple art and literature and speaking the language of man on the street to make him understand science in a better way is the main reason for creating this network. It not only is communicating science but also giving guidance now to artists, scientists, students and teachers of science and art, writers, journalists, curators of the shows, fairs etc. on the right way to communicate science.  
Exploring relationship between Art & Science is also one of the reasons for creating this network.

Founder: Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

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