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What does an introvert lose out on in his/her life?

In my view, nothing!

The meaning of 'enjoying life' differs from person to person. Introverts have a different opinion about life and their parameters are different. You need not measure yourself from others' parameters and cry in self pity.
I am an introvert myself but enjoy my life in my own way. I get a thrill in finding/discovering new things in my lab. Going somewhere where nobody has gone before all alone gives me a high. Helping people to understand the most difficult subjects gives me excitement. Creatively connecting various subjects and doing new experiments inspires me more. Now who cares about silly talks and jokes? I get more intoxicated with all these things than several others and I love each moment of my life! People respect me for the help they receive from me. They come to me more and more when they can't find a way themselves. If they see the smile on my face and that twinkle in my eye, extraverts will definitely feel jealous!

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