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Globalisation affects creativity!

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Pseudoscience - Homeopathy

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Life itself is a beautiful interaction between art and science. You cannot escape this reality no matter what you say or do!                        

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa (Founder,   Sci-Art Lab) 

Welcome to  Sci-Art Lab - the abode of  Science - Art - Literature interactions.

Sci-Art Lab works in association with

and is interested in Science communication through art and literature and other innovative methods, Creative technologies, Science - Art collaborations, science based art, Research where science helps art,  projects based on art - science/ Technology  relationships, art-literature, science- literature and the interplays at the confluence of science, art and literature . In case the visitors to this network are working in any of these areas, please join this network and post the information here or contact us at .  We will add information about your work on Sci-Art Lab. This network - which is like a guide to the subject  - is unique and explores rare inter-disciplinary areas and is free for all members and visitors and is interested only in spreading the knowledge.

A group to communicate and promote pure science: Science Simplified

To  find all the information about Scienceart  and to know and learn how science can be communicated through art, please click on the link.

To know how  Science helps Art click here : Research

You can find news about Science - Art - Literature collaborations around the world reported on a daily basis here: News 

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Enjoy the interplay of  Science - art - literature by clicking on the link.

We also report about new techniques and technologies that are being used in science-art:   techniques-and-technologies

For various articles on science-art-literature relationships, please visit forum and  blog sections and watch for yourself how science and art interact with each other in the video section.

We started  on line courses in some science-art techniques. Please click on the link science-art courses  to find out more on this.

Science is the king of art subjects. It is the art of inventions, discoveries, innovations and gaining more knowledge.

“Study the science of art and the art of science”, recommended  Leonardo da Vinci in the Renaissance period. We went a step further  and included literature too. We believe in total all round effort - the mark of new era human minds! Hope you like it and support our endeavour.

Thank You for visiting Sci-Art Lab.                                                       

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Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Some Qs. people asked me on science and my replies to them - Part 53

                                                                       Interactive science seriesQ: What are some theories which talks about the connection of emotions and scientific growth? Krishna: What?! Emotions interfere with critical thinking and when they rule, science cannot progress as it should be doing! However, Scientists are human beings too. But they are trained to keep emotions at bay while they are in their work places. This is because emotions interfere with critical analysis…See More
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Danger of excessive chlorine in water

These days, we the people who live in India, face a strange problem. Excess chlorine in water.The water we drink is smelling of chlorine like hell. It was reported earlier by research conducted here   that  the drinking water here contains excess chlorine. Is it dangerous? People are asking me. So let me explain.Chlorine is a naturally occurring element. It's a very dangerous toxin that has many uses, from disinfecting to bleaching. In small quantities, liquid and gas forms can be poisonous. In…See More
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science-art-literature interplay

No science, no universe!

Science, oh dear scienceWe love and respect your applianceIn our daily activities so muchThat we cannot imagine a life without your touch!See More
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Some Qs. people asked me on science and my replies to them - Part 52

                                                                     Interactive science seriesQ: Despite people of science like you working relentlessly for so many years to educate people, why do people still follow superstitions, myths, misconceptions, and irrational things?Krishna: How many people will have access to education? Even those who are fortunate enough to have access to it, how many people are really interested in learning things? Even if they read/listen to what we say, how many…See More
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Some questions people asked me on science and my replies to them - 51

                                                                    Interactive science seriesQ: After reading my articles on astrology ayurveda  and …See More
Aug 9
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa commented on Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa's group Science Simplified!
"WE ARE MARCHING FOR SCIENCE ON 9th AUG., 2017. COME, JOIN US! An appeal by scientists India is marching for science. Science in India is facing the danger of being eclipsed by a rising wave of unscientific beliefs and religious bigotry, and…"
Aug 8
Liviu Iliescu added a discussion to the group Science and Art - Bioptical Art

Bioptical Art updates completions

  Bioprical Art is the art of both eyesI introduce it as a new area adjacent to Fine Art First publicationIliescu Liviu Patent OSIM no.67678: 1974Method for modeling  The patent is applicable to easel painting to achieve stereoscopic effects. New techniques in fine arts by applying the research from Binocular Rivalry associated in a synergistic manner with Colour Fusion and with elements of Stereoscopy. Possibility to associate stimuli causing innovative perceptions with the techniques used in…See More
Aug 6
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added 2 discussions to the group Science Simplified!
Aug 5

Blog Posts

The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy (intersection)

Posted by Liviu Iliescu on February 1, 2017 at 9:00am 1 Comment

  The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy 

Edited by A.C. Grayling, Naomi Goulder, and Andrew Pyle…


Binocular Rivalry applied into visual-psychotherapy

Posted by Liviu Iliescu on November 20, 2016 at 11:00am 1 Comment

In recent decades there were many studies of  binocular rivalry tests that belong to the neuroimaging.


Binocular rivalry bibliography - Robert P O'Shea - Sites -…


Another story: Difference between an artist and a scientist

Posted by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on November 1, 2016 at 9:00am 1 Comment

People say there is no difference in thinking between artists and scientists. But recently I read an interesting story that confirms the different  thinking ways between a scientist and  an artist ... It is about Einstein and his wife who was a poet...

Frau Einstein was Albert Einstein’s wife. She was a poet, and Albert Einstein was perhaps one of the greatest scientific thinker of all the ages. Naturally Frau Einstein wanted her husband to know…


Some aspects of the contributions in art and science.

Posted by Liviu Iliescu on July 26, 2016 at 8:00am 2 Comments



Some aspects of the contributions in art and science.


It appears as he added more redundancy trying something

this much discussed theme that. to provoke interest


There exist…



Sci-Art Lab Information

KK Sci-Art Lab was created on 4th February, 2009 to communicate science through Art, literature and text forms and to explore the relationship between art, literature and science. This is a knowledge based and research oriented non-profit network which is like a guide to the subject.

We not only communicate science but also guide students/teachers of art, science, writers, journalists, artists and scientists on how to communicate science through various innovative ways.

People from…


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