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Globalisation affects creativity!

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Pseudoscience - Homeopathy

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Life itself is a beautiful interaction between art and science. You cannot escape this reality no matter what you say or do!                        

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa (Founder,   Sci-Art Lab) 

Welcome to  Sci-Art Lab - the abode of  Science - Art - Literature interactions.

Sci-Art Lab works in association with

and is interested in Science communication through art and literature and other innovative methods, Creative technologies, Science - Art collaborations, science based art, Research where science helps art,  projects based on art - science/ Technology  relationships, art-literature, science- literature and the interplays at the confluence of science, art and literature . This network - which is like a guide to the subject  - is unique and explores rare inter-disciplinary areas and is free for all members and visitors and is interested only in spreading the knowledge.

A group to communicate and promote pure science: Science Simplified

To  find all the information about Scienceart  and to know and learn how science can be communicated through art, please click on the link.

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We started  on line courses in some science-art techniques. Please click on the link science-art courses  to find out more on this.

Science is the king of art subjects. It is the art of inventions, discoveries, innovations and gaining more knowledge.

“Study the science of art and the art of science”, recommended  Leonardo da Vinci in the Renaissance period. We went a step further  and included literature too. We believe in total all round effort - the mark of new era human minds! Hope you like it and support our endeavour.

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Thank You for visiting Sci-Art Lab.       

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Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Qs on science and my replies to them - part 111

Q: Science is good at nothing. It just gives us false hopes and expectations. It cannot answer several Qs. Why do you promote it? I know you will not answer this Q of mine.Krishna: It is the Qs like these that need  to be answered first. Science is heroic. It fuels the economy, it feeds the world, it fights disease" - Tom SiegfriedWhat is Science? Science is the language this universe is written in. This universe is science based and science run.  Remove science from the universe, it just…See More
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Tests for STDs

Several people are asking me to write on STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Most people who go for sex with multiple partners are afraid to go to doctors.  But, they should first need to have some protection. Otherwise they risk  getting STDs. Once they develop some symptoms, they panic and go to quacks who do not have proper knowledge about  STDs and add more to the confusion caused by symptoms.And this confusion is making them to ask me Qs likeWhat are the symptoms of various STDs?Who…See More
Aug 8
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Qs on science and my replies to them - Part 110

Q: Dr. Krishna, I am a research scholar. I read almost all your articles on this site. While you say science is universal, some Indian scientists seem to differ in their opinion. They think Indian science is different and it should reflect our culture, traditions and religions. That it should follow  different  rules? What do you think?Krishna: Which Indian scientists? (This person gave a few names with examples of their work in reply to my Q but I don't want to mention them here)Science is…See More
Aug 5
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa commented on Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa's group Science Simplified!
"Chemical additives in food for kids are highly harmful The American Academy of Pediatrics is cautioning parents and pediatricians to avoid exposing children to eight chemicals found in food and in plastic packaging. The chemicals may…"
Jul 25
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Qs on science and my replies to them - Part 109

Q: How is my mom still alive without any medical issues after smoking Newport Menthols for 40 years? Krishna : When several factors decide outcomes, they follow the interplay of scientific rules and routes and exactly fit into the reaction realities. How a person survives a health condition or a catastrophe or a bad situation depends on the sum total outcomes of scientific factors occurring simultaneously.Your mom’s eating habits, her genetics (some DNA profiles are at lower risk while some are…See More
Jul 20
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Basics of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use. It is an interdisciplinary field involving Agriculture, Microbiology, Cell biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Medicine, Food technology, Environmental Engineering, etc.Depending on the tools and applications, it often overlaps with the (related) fields of bioengineering, biomedical engineering, biomanufacturing, molecular…See More
Jul 11
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science Simplified!

Qs on science and my replies to them - Part 108

                               THE SCIENCE OF JUDGING AND BIASES INVOLVEDQ: How do you judge a person from his beliefs or from his behaviour according to science?Krishna: You don’t judge, you only try to understand. ‘Behaviour’ is a highly complex process and beyond a layman’s grasp.A person’s beliefs originate from his surroundings, his cultural, traditional, religious, and emotional conditioning of his mind. If he is mentally weak, he succumbs to those pressures even if those beliefs are…See More
Jul 8
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa added a discussion to the group Science-art-literature interplay

War in the wound!

Ouch, I cut my fingerTo stop the pain to lingerInflammation is a hinderChemotaxis of leukocytes becomes a clingerCell division starts to become a springer!When neo-vascularization learns to sprinterGrowth factors make the wound slender.All my life's fighting forces become a healer!See More
Jul 7

Blog Posts

The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy (intersection)

Posted by Liviu Iliescu on February 1, 2017 at 9:00am 1 Comment

  The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy 

Edited by A.C. Grayling, Naomi Goulder, and Andrew Pyle…


Binocular Rivalry applied into visual-psychotherapy

Posted by Liviu Iliescu on November 20, 2016 at 11:00am 1 Comment

In recent decades there were many studies of  binocular rivalry tests that belong to the neuroimaging.


Binocular rivalry bibliography - Robert P O'Shea - Sites -…



Sci-Art Lab Information

KK Sci-Art Lab was created on 4th February, 2009 to communicate science through Art, literature and text forms and to explore the relationship between art, literature and science. This is a knowledge based and research oriented non-profit network which is like a guide to the subject.

We not only communicate science but also guide students/teachers of art, science, writers, journalists, artists and scientists on how to communicate science through various innovative ways.

People from…


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