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     THIS  IS A WAR ZONE WHERE SCIENCE FIGHTS WITH NONSENSE AND WINS                                               

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”             

                    "Being a scientist is a state of mind, not a profession!"

"Knowledge is a Superpower but the irony is you cannot get enough of it with ever increasing data base unless you try to keep up with it constantly and in the right way!" The best education comes from learning from people who know what they are exactly talking about.

Science is this glorious adventure into the unknown, the opportunity to discover things that nobody knew before. And that’s just an experience that’s not to be missed. But it’s also a motivated effort to try to help humankind. And maybe that’s just by increasing human knowledge—because that’s a way to make us a nobler species.

If you are scientifically literate the world looks very different to you.

We do science and science communication not because they are easy but because they are difficult!

There are about 530 articles posted here. Links to some important articles :

1. Interactive science series...

a. how-to-do-research-and-write-research-papers-part 13

b. Some Qs peopel asked me on science and my replies to them...

Part 6part-10part-11part-12, part 14  ,  part- 8

part- 1part-2part-4part-5part-16part-17part-18 , part-19 , part-20

part-21 , part-22part-23part-24part-25part-26part-27 , part-28



Part 48 part49Critical thinking -part 50 , part -51part-52part-53


part 64, part-65part-66part-67part-68part 69part-70 part-71part-73 ...


BP variations during pregnancy part-72

who is responsible for the gender of  thier children - a man or a woman -part-56

c. some-questions-people-asked-me-on-science-based-on-my-art-and-poems -part-7

d. science-s-rules-are-unyielding-they-will-not-be-bent-for-anybody-part-3-

e. debate-between-scientists-and-people-who-practice-and-propagate-pseudo-science - part -9

f. why astrology is pseudo-science part 15

g. How Science is demolishing patriarchal ideas - part-39

2. in-defence-of-mangalyaan-why-even-developing-countries-like-india need space research programmes

3. Science communication series:

a. science-communication - part 1

b. how-scienitsts-should-communicate-with-laymen - part 2

c. main-challenges-of-science-communication-and-how-to-overcome-them - part 3

d. the-importance-of-science-communication-through-art- part 4

e. why-science-communication-is-geting worse - part  5

f. why-science-journalism-is-not-taken-seriously-in-this-part-of-the-world - part 6

g. blogs-the-best-bet-to-communicate-science-by-scientists- part 7

h. why-it-is-difficult-for-scientists-to-debate-controversial-issues - part 8

i. science-writers-and-communicators-where-are-you - part 9

j. shooting-the-messengers-for-a-different-reason-for-conveying-the- part 10

k. why-is-science-journalism-different-from-other-forms-of-journalism - part 11

l.  golden-rules-of-science-communication- Part 12

m. science-writers-should-develop-a-broader-view-to-put-things-in-th - part 13

n. an-informed-patient-is-the-most-cooperative-one -part 14

o. the-risks-scientists-will-have-to-face-while-communicating-science - part 15

p. the-most-difficult-part-of-science-communication - part 16

q. clarity-on-who-you-are-writing-for-is-important-before-sitting-to write a science story - part 17

r. science-communicators-get-thick-skinned-to-communicate-science-without-any-bias - part 18

s. is-post-truth-another-name-for-science-communication-failure?

t. why-is-it-difficult-for-scientists-to-have-high-eqs

u. art-and-literature-as-effective-aids-in-science-communication-and teaching

v.some-qs-people-asked-me-on-science communication-and-my-replies-to-them

w. why-motivated-perception-influences-your-understanding-of-science

x. science-communication-in-uncertain-times

y. sci-com: why-keep-a-dog-and-bark-yourself

z. How to deal with sci com dilemmas?

4. Health related topics:

a. why-antibiotic-resistance-is-increasing-and-how-scientists-are-tr

b. what-might-happen-when-you-take-lots-of-medicines

c. know-your-cesarean-facts-ladies

d. right-facts-about-menstruation

e. answer-to-the-question-why-on-big-c

f. how-scientists-are-identifying-new-preventive-measures-and-cures-

g. what-if-little-creatures-high-jack-your-brain-and-try-to-control-

h. who-knows-better?

i. mycotoxicoses

j. immunotherapy

k. can-rust-from-old-drinking-water-pipes-cause-health-problems

l. pvc-and-cpvc-pipes-should-not-be-used-for-drinking-water-supply

m. melioidosis


o. desensitization-and-transplant-success-story

p. do-you-think-the-medicines-you-are-taking-are-perfectly-alright-then revisit your position!

q. swine-flu-the-difficlulties-we-still-face-while-tackling-the-outb

r. dump-this-useless-information-into-a-garbage-bin-if-you-really-care about evidence based medicine

s. don-t-ignore-these-head-injuries

t. the-detoxification-scam

u. allergic- agony-caused-by-caterpillars-and-moths

General science: 


b. don-t-knock-down-your-own-life-line

c. the-most-menacing-animal-in-the-world

d. how-exo-planets-are-detected

e. the-importance-of-earth-s-magnetic-field

f. saving-tigers-from-extinction-is-still-a-travail

g. the-importance-of-snakes-in-our-eco-systems

h. understanding-reverse-osmosis

i. the-importance-of-microbiomes

j. crispr-cas9-gene-editing-technique-a-boon-to-fixing-defective-gen

k. biomimicry-a-solution-to-some-of-our-problems

5. the-dilemmas-scientists-face

6. why-we-get-contradictory-reports-in-science

7. be-alert-pseudo-science-and-anti-science-are-on-prowl

8. science-will-answer-your-questions-and-solve-your-problems

9. how-science-debunks-baseless-beliefs

10. climate-science-and-its-relevance

11. the-road-to-a-healthy-life

12. relative-truth-about-gm-crops-and-foods

13. intuition-based-work-is-bad-science

14. how-science-explains-near-death-experiences

15. just-studies-are-different-from-thorough-scientific-research

16. lab-scientists-versus-internet-scientists

17. can-you-challenge-science?

18. the-myth-of-ritual-working

20. comets-are-not-harmful-or-bad-omens-so-enjoy-the-clestial-shows

21. explanation-of-mysterious-lights-during-earthquakes

22. science-can-tell-what-constitutes-the-beauty-of-a-rose

23. what-lessons-can-science-learn-from-tragedies-like-these

24. the-specific-traits-of-a-scientific-mind

25. science-and-the-paranormal

26. are-these-inventions-and-discoveries-really-accidental-and-intuitive like the journalists say?

27. how-the-brain-of-a-polymath-copes-with-all-the-things-it-does

28. how-to-make-scientific-research-in-india-a-success-story

29. getting-rid-of-plastic-the-natural-way

30. why-some-interesting-things-happen-in-nature

31. real-life-stories-that-proves-how-science-helps-you

32. Science and trust series:

a. how-to-trust-science-stories-a-guide-for-common-man

b. trust-in-science-what-makes-people-waver

c. standing-up-for-science-showing-reasons-why-science-should-be-trusted

You will find the entire list of discussions here:

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Science Communication

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Qs people asked me on science and my replies to them - Part 190

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Love Science, not its impostors!

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Science, oh dear science We love and respect your appliance In our daily activities so much That we cannot imagine a life without your touch!We live in a region where science is loved and held in a…Continue

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa 12 hours ago

How flight suits have evolved to keep astronauts safe in space

Today’s high-tech spacesuit materials are a far cry from the cotton and rubber used by early high-altitude pilots.


Explore 60 years of rockets

This graphic charts the history of spaceflight, from Russia’s reliable early vehicles to today’s privately engineered crafts.


Climate change: 'Stunning' seafloor ridges record Antarctic retreat


The Inevitable Abyss: Each Year, We Lose Yet Another Section of The Universe


Study Reveals Why Large Groups of Humans Are Hopeless in a Crisis

During a crisis, psychologists have found people are less likely to take action during an emergency if there are others around them.
Oftentimes, members of a community experience denial, or do not believe the threat is real to them, leaving action until the last moment.

The global pandemic and the current climate crisis have shown us that reaching consensus in large groups takes a lot of convincing, especially when there's a sharp conflict of views.

Compared to a simulation, however, the stakes for inaction in reality are a lot higher - so it's good to keep this human shortcoming in mind.

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa yesterday

The World Is Still Far From Herd Immunity for Coronavirus


Scientists raise concern over HCQ study that led to suspension of clinical trials by WHO


A Breakthrough Study Just Linked Gut Bacteria to Neurovascular Disease


How movies affect kids: Boys End Up in Hospital After Trying to Gain Superpowers From a Black Widow Bite


Some Humans May Have a Weird Pregnancy Quirk Inherited From Neanderthals


Why severe blood clots are occurring in some COVID 19 patients


How the coronavirus could be prevented from invading a host cell

UC Riverside-led study shows inhibiting two host cell proteases could help prevent COVID-19

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa yesterday

Making matter out of light: high-power laser simulations point the way $$


India weeds out 27 highly toxic pesticides


A community's fecal matter could give early warning of COVID-19 outbreaks, study finds


The most common organism in the oceans harbors a virus in its DNA


Why Is Technetium Radioactive? 


Black Hole Paradoxes Reveal a Fundamental Link Between Energy and Order

By chewing on the problems posed by “extremal” black holes, physicists have exposed a surprising and universal connection between energy and entropy.
Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Friday

Diprosopus: the duplication of head and/or facial structures - is a very rare condition, with only around 35 cases on record in humans since 1900
The baby with a second mouth!


Scientists May Have Discovered Where Stress Lives in The Human Brain


Groundbreaking all-electric plane paving way to greener aviation


Greedy for glucose: Cancer cells rely on a primeval energy-producing pathway to proliferate and spread


Researchers find mathematical structure in biological complexity


How gene expression noise shapes cell fate


A non-destructive method of analysing molecules in cells


Origin of arsenic in Bangladesh groundwater

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Friday

98% of emergency calls for strokes are made by someone else – so what if you’re alone in lockdown?


Brain health: Microglia - the brain’s ‘immune cells’ protect against diseases – but they can also cause them


Why Does Zoom Exhaust You? Science Has an Answer

On video calls, looming heads, staring eyes, a silent audience, and that millisecond delay disrupt normal human communication


How is coronavirus disease treated in hospital?


Detailed 3-D model of SARS-COV-2 revealed


The Universe Is Not Purely Mathematical In Nature


Earliest ‘Chickens’ Were Actually Pheasants

A new analysis ruffles the story of poultry domestication 


At work, school and seeing friends: How to lower your coronavirus risk

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Friday

Smart window controls light and heat, kills microorganisms


Smart window technology that automatically changes color by sunlight


High tech printing makes checking banknotes possible in the blink of an eye


COVID 19 - How to stay safe in restaurants and cafes


How more powerful Pacific cyclones may be fueling global warming

Stronger storms seem to be speeding up the Kuroshio Current, which ferries warm water north


COVID-19: More than 500 scientists from around the globe to analyse patients’ blood
The coalition is looking for biomarkers that determine how a patient will respond to the virus, which could lead to the development of targeted treatments.

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Friday

Research identifies neurons that control left and right movements in mammals


Genomic analysis shows long-term genetic mixing in West Asia before world's first cities


Report: Most Chrome security bugs rooted in faulty memory code


In planet formation, it's location, location, location


Study details molecular effects of exercise


New 'whirling' state of matter discovered in an element of the periodic table


Don't be phish food! Tips to avoid sharing your personal information online


No more Wi-Fi dead zones: Tips for improving your signal at home

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Thursday

Tightening up facial biometrics


Evidence suggests thermal cameras are far from a perfect solution, offering limited accuracy if set up incorrectly, and raising data privacy concerns.


A disease that breeds disease: why is type 2 diabetes linked to increased risk of cancer and dementia?



corona virus in waste water


Humans Are on Their Way to Annihilating 50 Billion Years of Evolutionary History


Replacing coffee with a single bout of aerobic exercise could not only provide a cognitive boost similar to coffee but may also provide other health benefits that come along with exercise.


A Warning About Aggressive Rat Behaviour Due to The Pandemic: Rats are growing increasingly aggressive in their hunt for food as restaurants across the world remain shuttered to slow the spread of the coronavirus

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Thursday

"We know from measurements of the Big Bang how much matter there was in the beginning of the ," he said. "But when we looked out into the present universe, we couldn't find half of what should be there. It was a bit of an embarrassment. Intergalactic space is very sparse. The missing matter was equivalent to only one or two atoms in a room the size of an average office. So it was very hard to detect this matter using traditional techniques and telescopes."

The researchers were able to directly detect the missing matter using the phenomenon of —brief flashes of energy that appear to come from random directions in the sky and last for just milliseconds. Scientists don't yet know what causes them, but it must involve incredible energy, equivalent to the amount released by the sun in 80 years. They have been difficult to detect as astronomers don't know when and where to look for them.

Associate Professor Macquart said the team detected the missing matter by using fast  bursts as "cosmic weigh stations."

"The radiation from fast radio bursts gets spread out by the missing matter in the same way that you see the colours of sunlight being separated in a prism," he said. "We've now been able to measure the distances to enough fast radio bursts to determine the density of the universe. We only needed six to find this missing matter."

The missing matter in this case is baryonic, or 'normal' matter—like the protons and neutrons that make up stars, planets and humans. It's different from dark matter, which remains elusive and accounts for about 85% of the total matter in the universe.

Cosmic bursts unveil universe's missing matter

A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts, Nature (2020). DOI: 10.1038/


Half the matter in the universe was missing – we found it hiding in the cosmos

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Thursday

Extraction of skin interstitial fluid using microneedle patches


New type of coupled electronic-structural waves discovered in magnetite


Mathematics can save lives at sea


A potential explanation for urban smog: Aerosol particle growth higher in cold climates



Asteroid, climate change not responsible for mass extinction 215 million years ago


Cosmic bursts unveil universe's missing matter


Terrestrial bacteria can grow on nutrients from space


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