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Some observations, of extrapolating application, to fine art

Some observations, of extrapolating application, to fine art



  1. In philosophy. Extrapolation is the extension of the sphere of a notion from one domain to another or a shift from one idea to another with a broader sphere of coverage.


It is natural for artists to appear to the geniuses who take over the destinies of the domain,

but it is worth mentioning that extrapolation can be the result of the feelings of a generation, for example; geometric perspective, impressionism



In both of the above situations, there is the existence of a developed, developed nucleus

  with many contributions by the artist such as geometric perspective theory Filippo Brunolleschi. the simultaneous contrast to impressionism


I propose such a nucleus that develops on two surfaces; the pictorial ink is double and it provides communications as needed;

binocular rivalry, Helmholtz fusion color, elementary stereoscopy



Graphic presentation of development possibilities in visual communi...

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Of course, the field of fine arts should still be interpolated and extrapolated even

admitting intersections. (attempts on ... ..)




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