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  I consider a continuum in fine art the fact that

any bi-optic composition contains almost entirety a

conventional composition, whatever the style in which the latter is obtained.


  In set theory it is believed that two sets is a continuum

if they have at least one common element.


 It is not conceivable types of developments in fine art available if they are not recognized

by professional artists and experts, that they are holders of accumulation of knowledge of millennia.


In fine art assessments need arises Googel consultation, who shows huge files automatically

 in order of value, applying to each title hundreds of criteria.


Thus consulting field:

fine art sense images.





 Designed sense, introduced in the topic name refers to

  induction of new types of sensations  dominant, applying  bioptical techniques as;

     binocular rivalry, color fusion of Helmholtz and techniques to increase

  line potential in the drawings of physiognomy.


This proves that the topic would be outdated by

  obtain ~ 47 million results.


In places 1, 2 4, 5 are images resulting from studies undertaken by me

After you have obtained by post (fine art sense images), the thematic area,

  clicking on any of the images, obtain the current text link



1- image a composition bioptical (Liviu Iliescu)

2 - extracted from a series of drawings for physiognomy

4-, graphics scheme for unknown stimulus that induces consciousness.

5 - badge for  bi-optical art


For orientation post

Liviu Iliescu bi-optical images

Get pictures that I've published over the years. (250 images)

Clicking on any image get the text to which it relates.


I quote extracts links from my studies, which mainly refer by bioptical techniques;


Graphic presentation of development possibilities in visual communi...


DeviantArt, Kandinsky ; interpretations; bi-optical techniques; stu...


The stereoscopic couple having simplified form associated with bino...


I began studies in the '60s so in 1974 I submitted documents

  relative to techniques for achieving stereoscopic space in painting, obtaining patent

OSIM no. 67678


 Some of the techniques I can communicate them only interactively (via E- mail)

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 I return with some additions in terms of applying the concept

the continuum of bi-optical art compositions


In set theory continuum concept has a definition

belongs  component of psychic life of intelligence.


Also space-time continuum Einstein's relativity in,

it has a sophisticated definition belonging psychic life component of intelligence.


In the case of bi-optic techniques, belonging to the field of fine art, I made an adjustment.

Thus I propose a definition which belongs mainly affective component of psychic life,

considering that I bring a plus to characterize bi-optical art.


See blog:

Science-Art and psychic life



I repeat some aspects of:

DeviantArt, Kandinsky ; interpretations; bi-optical techniques; study 


 Fig. 1



The composition of figure 1 appears as a conventional painting, although it has a bi-optical structure .


Using bi-optic device figure 2 the same composition offers important transformations

in perception.

 Fig. 2


Extract from:

Graphic presentation of development possibilities in visual communi...




 In the field Fd, are painted obligatory ( copy paintings) in conventional styles.


   So the set of bi-optical compositions, seen with the naked eye, is inseparable from the set

  with bi-optical effects, obtained when viewed through bi-optical device.



In case we do not have bi-optical device, in order to observe

bi-optical effects, then   fields Fd and Fs are placed in horizontal succession,

 to watch using the process which is called  crossed- eyes

 Since observation is made with effort, disturbing contemplation,

I believe that this method should be avoided at artistic communication.


In fine art assessments need arises   Google consultation, who shows huge files automatically

 in order of value, applying to each title hundreds of criteria.



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