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Possible development of the fine art compositions for the two eyes (bioptics), which may be sustained and through the selections Google.


I quote a selection Google, which offer information for universal culture trends, posting keywords:


fine art  visual sense images


    selections from ~ 45 million results.


      between that and my studies: Binocular Rivalry, Color Fusion (images), Stereoscopy (method step by step)




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Bioptical art (art for two eyes) contains entirely techniques, styles, accumulated in conventional art.


This image is the logo for the  Bioptical  Art (fine art for two eyes)


  Look relaxed image of 25...30 cm. Keep your eyes closed a few seconds then

open them, noting that the two top or bottom circles appear three.

Make a move they were before - back bags for accommodation.

In the center are obtained the circles in space - 3D (above and beyond the screen); some colored circles flicker

as a result of binocular rivalry and color fusion.

(modifications in time!!). The increased range observation effects persist.




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