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This studio is set up in one of the creative centers at university level

Timisoara Romania, known for its valuable artistic development.


Sigla- studio

  Theme of the statement, it is apparent that opens up new possibilities for digital

visual communications to creative development of fine art.


I myself was invited to participate in this study;

  It seems that I was noticed by my insistence (passion) of

bring contributions to developments in optical techniques for fine art.

  I am honored by this invitation and will respond to any requests the pleasure.

   I present my works on fine art for two eyes (Bioptical art) in



See link:



   To see selected Google, about extending skills in visual sense, which I have dealt


fie art sense images

and then instruction images

You get on the front page logo of my preoccupations (from ~ 60 million results);



Click the logo and the logos neighbors.

You get basic documentation that support them

in that fall trends in contemporary fine art


  At the request of the organizers to appreciate sighla studio; I responded by image

    (for two eyes- bioptical).





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I believe that my experiments applying skills extension

visual sense, the development of fine art compositions could lead to

  the possibility of increasing the degree of mental influence.

   This would be interesting explorations, arising from the theme (post-keyword):

fine art images visual sense




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