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I think that between initializing a program calculations and composition

automatic fine art is a great psychological distance.

It is still possible to result in many compositions artistic effects.

  Then these compositions will be chosen by the artist initiator of the program.


It seems that being is the result of creation step by step, each cell takes its place and function

imposed by symbiotic harmonization for survival


We could discuss a freewill elementary in the situation the artist who performs the art.


For example in music the composer find the desired melody returning

several times to note beforehand, to be satisfied with his artistic sensitivity,  

which exists in its psyhical structure


I set the rules for Dioptical-bioptical art, such as the artist to find in the same way

the image as a product of his artistic intimacy,

including the possibility that the artist be constantly in sensorial contact

with the composition that he works.


I wrote about aleatory states in fine art:

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Taxol is a chemical that was originally extracted from the inner bark of the endangered Pacific yew tree (Taxus brevifolia), which is only found in old growth forests. Thus, despite its promise as an anti-cancer treatment, there was initially significant controversy surrounding its use since the death of four to six Pacific yews was required to produce adequate taxol for a single human dose.





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