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Thousands of artists treaded this path trying to reach their goals

Creating millions of pictures reflecting their souls

Some inspired by the creeks near their homes,

More touched by water falls in their ways,

Wondering at the flowers caught in the lenses of their eyes,

With minds marveling at the magnificent trees,

Elated by the free spirit of beautiful birds,

A few reading the sunset's parting wishes to be framed,

Many trying to set free the agonies that bothered,

Yielding to their lovers' sweet whisperings to make them eternal,

Bewildering by all things nocturnal,

Touched by their spouses' life long devotions,

Pained by artificially created partitions,

Feeling grateful by the sweet gestures of their friends,

Moved by the unconditional love of their pets,

Smitten by the innocent smiles of their babies,

Unable to overlook the glory of the mountains,

Prompted by the purity of the snows,

Influenced by the splendour of colours brought by seasonal changes,

Gladdened by the golden glows of summer skies,

Attracted by the rhythmic natural designs,

Made mad by the magical moonlit skies,

Enlightened by the great spirit of science,

Pricked by an ever guarding conscience!


Is there anything untouched by the artist's brushes?

Is there anything uninspirational to these emotional hearts?

Each and every human being that passed this planet's way is an artist

Each and every life is a moving work of art!

Millions more will come and go

Which carry this cultural torch wherever they go

But with their works burried and forgotten when their souls part with their physical bodies,

Who will light lamps to celebrate their beautiful lives?

After their departure, will anyone remember them?

Who will pay homage to a hidden gem?

Despite all this - can anyone douse the flames that ignite an artist's heart?

Can anybody overlook the joy and happiness brought by their art?

Let us not forget the truth that this world will be a poorer place to live in

Without these inspired and creative minds coming in.


Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Copyright © 2011


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Thank you for sharing. I totally agree with your words. We all are artists. One way or another.
Thank you for sharing.  You can paint with words too, I enjoy reading it.

thank you dear  Krishna. it is a lovely way to say your thoughts.


Thank you Krishna! Ogni artista sconosciuto viene riconosciuto quando riconosce sè stesso!

Kisses to you...

Thank you so much to all the people who read this poem, liked it and gave replies.


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