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This is the way the art world goes. Auction houses say they deal with
only secondary market. Then how come Christie's auctioned  Indian movie
star Sri's work directly taken from her which is brand new primary  art
work?  A few days back Salman Khan's - another movie star - work too was
auctioned in Dubai. May be rules can be flouted  if the works are done
by celebrities.
I have seen Sri's work as well as Salman's work. They are just ordinary
ones - there is nothing special about them.
Several poor artists who have great talents need help. But these auction
houses are profit oriented & depend on the names of the celebrities
to get profits. Who can tell  Christie's &  Sotheby's that poor
artists need money to survive in this world? They say nobody buys the
works of these artists without an aura. So artists get  name & fame
first for the auction houses to bank on them to get their profits!
You work hard & they get all the money! Forget about rules &
justice here.

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Reply by Pierre Tavlitzki 5 hours ago

Christie's claims being the world's leading art business. It is quite normal that an art business looks for money.

Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa Permalink Reply by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa 2 seconds ago

When contacted by my friends in the artist community here, it seems Christie' s & Sotheby's said they deal with only secondary market & don't take works for auction from the artists directly & rejected their works. But now they are taking brand new works directly from the Indian movie stars to auction them! And these stars are just hobby painters! They follow different set of rules for different people!
Indian artists are complaining now!
Money is very much like that. Bussines wants money.Possibly the ones in bussines, would try to make money with any artist or not, sellable. Or would make money as fortune tellers, aura readers, or fairy stories singers. Incase they sell as they say they do, possibly there`s one point in marketing to take those options.Money`s got no flag or friends.Thanks.
that`s the reason why they auction movie stars paintings, it`s bussiness....
Yes, I know Paz. But then they shouldn't have set these rules in the first place. Paz, have you seen the other discussion posted by me & featured? It is on top of the forum page.
Marcelino Ferreiro Paz said:
that`s the reason why they auction movie stars paintings, it`s bussiness....


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