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My research on Bioptical Art is in experimentation.

 By 12. Visual-sense-storming
I require the participation of specialists
from contiguous areas.

I present examples which show reproducible effects.

I enunciated and assumptions about them.

These assumptions are questionable.

Can be assimilated in fine art?

Is or not a deficiency of affection, in fine art?

A composition (Bioptical Art) can be used in decorative, or in the special

exhibitions, or in the psychotherapy?

Bioptical Art it is at least instructive to contiguous areas.?



I have been reproached that my descriptions are not clear enough
For this reason, I have to start (in the following stages) by giving examples  of bioptical compositions with corresponding descriptions


"Bioptical art" is the most appropriate designation, in my opinion, for a new field of art based on special techniques meant to amplify perception in painting and sculpture. I have chosen it, following a long series of experiments.

Even though the main subject of a composition is created as inspiration rules the artist, certain portions of the picture include elements meant for each eye separately. These distinct stimuli result in psychophysical effects with original artistic potentialities, when one eye looks through a pair of mirrors (called bioptical device), while the other remains naked.

For, observing the  bioptical effects  the compositions will be accompanied by tests, observable without bioptical device  but with  crossed-eye viewing


Dutour clearly describes binocular rivalry of two outlined colours (in 1760, 1763). Thus, Dutour describes the effects obtained by their fusion with the naked eyes, by eye convergence or divergence.


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Dear Marcel. See my recently blog : "Bioptical Art" (Blog; in this network)

Write me if you get fusion; it is essential.

My studies are developed over 50 years and are based on exploitation
visual sense. My expertise includes knowledge of the visual sense; point of view psycho-physical.
I have :

It contains descriptions of the four monographs, I was the author

To see what is my position, expertise of Google
post: fine art visual sense pictures


See the image that belongs to me:

Then titles that relate to my sites:

12. visual-sense –storming ; The paired off visual signal Liviu Iliescu

I guess tears are diamonds.

Dear Marcel
You're an artist with great sensitivity.  You also have  complex compositional imagination.

The celebrity has become more dependent on commercial factors.The talent and the sensitivity are remarkable to many artists, who remain anonymous.
I am an inventor, not an artist. Attention! My proposals are
technical and are comparable with the invention of geometric perspective.
Geometric perspective led to the famous painting, making, famous
many artists.
I have tested Bioptical Art on the man standard (not just on the intellectuals)
I had the satisfaction that I found positive psychological influence,with
primitive effects caused by bioptical stimuli.

Please see a little bit of philosophy (link)  15. Psychical satiety in affectivity


The modalities that I propose may be valorised by arousing a wider interest, if the fine art artists, by using traditional techniques and their talent, will create complex compositions with bioptical stimuli. on one hand, Bioptical Art will bring developments in research of psychology, neurology and psychiatry, and, on the other hand, it will give possibilities to the field of aesthetics to supplement chapters such as: disinterested interest, art as sensorial experience, art dependent knowledge and others.

Utility, need, satiety as a vector in the genetic program. I agree.  Furthermore, I think a vector exists  in a dynamic system; so, movement is involved; where there is a vector, there is a movement. Is it a linear movement? Or is it like a beat? Or, both?

On an even more wide aspect, very  recent studies tend to propose that all kinds of intelligece come from a unique model, even if the form of intelligence change.

   It is very difficult for Westerners born in a context of greek, catholic jewish philosophies, , to imagine that man is not the mesure of all things; we evaluate things as if all things were equal, smaller or bigger than man. Scientists of the Renaissance came to America to verify if their newly discovered laws were universal; may be, today, scientists want to go to other planets for the same reason. I think science is always in evolution, that is what it makes it scientific.


   I don't like very much the idea of putting art in a scientific defenition. But, if a painting can be useful to psychology, or any other science, let it be so. By the way, all your scientific researches can be very helpful to art, you know that. What will man do with all this new knowledge? Let's hope for the best.





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