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Conceptual Art and some considerations by consulting IT, Google *)


  Until now I have not been able to ask experts to evaluate the techniques proposed by me,

  probably also because I describe techniques   extrapolated, to the immensity

 of stabilized accumulations of fine art


Fine Art Binocular Rivalry extrapolation


At the keyword

fine art visual sense images

   is selected on the first place The  Badge of Consciousness   from ~ 16 million results (22 July 2017)


   L.Iliesccu; sketch The  Badge of Consciousness  



 I consider the sketch of The  Badge of Consciousness    belonging to the artistic movement, to be Conceptual Art.


  I notice that in the sketch I introduced some completions in the continuation of the modalities    of the Conceptual Art.


So :

The idea is major, unmistakable, and plastic forms are converging

  to the graphic definition of this chosen idea.


Astfel :

Idea este majora  , inconfundabila, iar formele  plastice  sunt convergente

 catre definirea  grafica  a acestei  idei.


About conceptual art I have written in:

 Conceptual Art and the dominant feeling


*)   I justify this consultation through the posting documentation

Selective Google  Criteria for display  priority view of the search engine

se pobtine

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 Conceptual Art

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