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For guidance in experimentation for expansion possibilities in

fine art communication I presented

assumption of an vector of development, Utility Needs, Satiety in:

      Psychical satiety in affectivity


The extension of these communication possibilities would benefit,

visual psychotherapy.

From a series of attempts I deduced several  indicative trends:

- The opportunity to learn new skills related to visual sense

- Contiguity with huge accumulations of traditional fine art  (in styles and techniques)

- New techniques to be applied both artistic object

(painting, sculpture) and digital images.


So I thought to target approach could be supported by applying synergetic

the graphic stimuli used in research :

Binocular rivalry (Br),  Color fusion  Helmhholtz (Cf), Stereoscopy (St)



 Binocular rivalry and stereoscopy in bioptical art 


  I summarize the result of my studies using the following schemes:

(taking as an example the painting)


Painting (panel bi-optic)


   A In the field   picture Fd is painted in any style using

traditional techniques, thus ensuring full continuity to the traditional

 domain, including art theory and criticism about.


  B In the field picture Fs, the forms a, b, c, .... them correspond to

modified forms a ', b', c '... applying some rules to form bi-optic couples,

  rules related to: Binocular Rivalry (Br); Fusion colored Helmholtz (C), Stereoscopic techniques (St)


A person will refer in addition relative to conventional composition

  sensations and perceptions based on his training.



Bioptical effects, definitions 


 You might consider that, in this way, the observer is closer to the artistic content,

  being independently of in a larger extent, by the texts written about .....

The  bi-optical technique also offers the possibility of similar interpretations

  of those variations on a theme, used in music


 About interpretations or exegeses by means of bioptics 

Also as an example, I inserted Study M

in scheme



To, ordinary observation (no device), bi-optical composition appears as a conventional painting.


For optical overlapping fields Fd and Fs I designed a device with mirrors in many ways.



 I present in detail in:

 Sculpture containing flat shapes to increase virtual depths

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