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Dear Fellow Science Lovers,

It is definitive that Homeopathy, a system of alternative medicine, is a pseudoscience. There is absolutely no proof that Homeopathy is effective in curing anything. In fact there are enough proof to demonstrate that is at best placebo.

But I find it very difficult to convince family and friends with these facts. They reel out different examples on the effectiveness of Homeopathy. I am 100% sure all these examples are down to Placebo or simply that it got cured on its own.

Sad part is some people in India actively advocates and encourages Homeopathy. 

Most of the advanced countries are either discouraging or outright regulating Homeopathy. 

This is an article one must read on this subject.

My problem is how do we go about educating people and making them understand that we need to be more logical and rational in choosing cure for our health problem?

Warm Regards


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Thanks for this post. I appreciate your efforts.

Keep mentioning this whenever possible and at least some people will understand. 

I wrote on this extensively... you will find the subject in some of my articles:

And please  elaborate on this topic with more references, examples etc. so that it can have a true impact on the readers.





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