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Q: Is a life without struggle worth living?
Krishna : Like somebody said - Life without problems is like a schools without classes, you don’t learn your lessons!
Personally I think, without struggle, life is very boring!

Q: Is it true that most girls think of getting married since childhood? If so, why?
Krishna : This is completely rubbish idea in today’s world. Now majority of the girls have other priorities. News papers here daily publish stories of young girls rejecting child marriages and forced ones even in villages and other rural areas and approaching the police, activists and voluntary agencies for help.

They are concentrating on education in this part of the world. This is a very good sign.

Marriage is definitely not on the minds of majority of young girls now. ‘M’ now stands for ‘motivation’ to get educated, earn ‘money’ to be self reliant, ‘manage’ their lives independently and science is a ‘many-splendoured thing’ ( according to my female colleagues :)) and therefore go for it!

Q: Do you believe in astrology? If so, why? If not, why?
Krishna :No, I don’t. There is good evidence for me to throw it out of my life and to educate people to come out of this menace. And here is my evidence…

Why Astrology is a fool’s paradise

Debate between scientists and people who practice pseudo-science - ...

Q: A Nadi astrologer told me some bad things that may happen in my personal life. I'm scared about what he said because Nadi astrology is said to be the most accurate. How do I get those thoughts out of my mind and create the future I desire?  

Krishna: This is what happens if you chase a fool’s paradise. Fool’s paradise? Yes! Read here reasons I gave why I say so…

Why Astrology is a Fool’s paradise

There is no after life according to science

Q: What are some interesting astrological facts?

Q: What are the astrological reasons for attracting people who are frauds into your life? I have Rahu in Dhanu in the first house and Ketu with Saturn in the seventh house, is this the reason?
Krishna: It is your negligence that is attracting fraudsters, not your astrology.
Q: How did you get really lucky?
Krishna: By critically analyzing the situations I am in, and by following what my mind said is the right thing to do using facts, I succeeded!
Q: Do you believe in the philosophy of ‘Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan’?
Krishna : As a true person of science, my outlook is universal in Nature ( like science). Science doesn’t endorse narrow mindedness.

Any person who has seen how the scientific rules are followed universally in a given set of conditions, and understood its beauty can never think in local terms and can never come under the influence of artificially created races, castes, groups, communities or citizenships. He sees all the living beings as his own images - following universal rules of life and as citizens of this universe.
Q: Why don't all the murdered people become ghosts?

Science and the paranormal

Q: What do you think happens in the afterlife?

Krishna: There is no afterlife according to science. Your ‘after life’ is just recycling of your atoms and energy. That’s all. This is what real scientists think…

Soul?! What is it according to science and scientists?

Based on the above Q: Then why don't our brain stop working at the time of death?

Krishna: It does!

Q: But it's stays active for 4 -5min after the death

I'm asking what happens during this period ,is this the time when some really old faded memory appears or some dream appear that becomes a nightmare at he end or the something else happen, cause it's has been proven that some activity still going on after the death

Krishna: Brain death is the real death. Period! Yes, because of some biochemical reactions still occurring at the end stages, lack of oxygen, some activity in the neurons might be recorded. Read this article that throws light on it.

How Science Explains Near Death Experiences

There is nothing much to worry about that. Once that activity ceases, there won’t be anything left.

Q: Is God an atheist or a believer?

Krishna: I was asked to answer this funny Q! 
Does God exist in the first place?
According to atheists he doesn’t! So there is no meaning in asking or answering this Q at all! How does something that doesn’t exist in the first place, believe in its existence or not?!
If he exists, according to theists, does he believe in himself or not? If he really exists he should believe in himself! Otherwise he becomes a non-existent big joke!
So if God doesn’t exist, the theory of God becomes atheistic.
If God exists, it becomes theistic!
Now go find out if God really exists or not and prove to the world if he really exists, to find an answer to this Q!

Q: What is the meaning of a crow coming to your window two days in a row?

Krishna: It means you are searching for patterns when there are none!

Q: What are the ways to reduce negative effects of combust Jupiter in vedic astrology?

Krishna:  Stop believing in it! Read here why: Why Astrology is a Fool’s Paradize
Q: Do people believe in astrology?
Krishna: Yes, as long as astrologers think they can fool you and earn money in the process and as long as you are willing to get fooled by them, this pseudo-science doesn’t cease to exist!
QWhat is an astrological combination for getting into the Air Force?
Krishna Your determination, resolve, dedication and hard work. Stars and planets cannot take you there!
QDo you have hopes that at some point the future religion and caste will become irrelevant in Indian politics, and how?
Not in the near future! Religions and castes are mechanisms to control people and exploit them. Therefore, as long as politics stay on this planet, these footballs politicians play thrive too. As long as people are willing to get exploited, by politicians and religious heads, the situation doesn’t change.

There must be a drastic change in peoples’ thinking for a change in the situation. Politicians will never allow people to think differently. On the contrary, they are making it more worse day by day.

So I don’t think about them much. I don’t care about politics too. These three are the fields I am least interested in.
Q: What should I do to become friend of a ghost? I'm Hindu.
Krishna : There aren’t any ghosts according to science! So your wish can never be fulfilled. Yes, you can take some drug and hallucinate if you want! In that hallucination, you might find a ghost friend.
Q: Can any astrologer predict? When will this person able to go abroad for study?
Krishna: No matter how well Astrologers try to convince you, my answer is an emphatic ‘No’. Do you have the courage to accept the facts? Then read this article:

Why Astrology is a Fool’s Paradise

Q:Astrologers are saying many negative things about my life and future. Should I believe in Pandits or Kundli? What should I do?

Krishna: This is what happens if you start believing in stupid things. People try to exploit you by first creating fear in you than suggesting ‘remedies’. Do you really want to get out of this situation and take full control of your life?

Then read these articles that will strengthen your mind…

Why Astrology is a Fool’s Paradise

Science's rules are unyielding, they will not be bent in any way fo...

Q: What is the scientific reason behind celebrating Makar Sankranti?
Krishna : Sankranti just is a culture and tradition based festival. When these festivals originated, there ‘s no systematic science. But people try to interpret things in the way they want now and create pseudo-science in the process.

Let culture and tradition be in their realms. Respect them for what they are. Don’t try to bring them into the world of science. Scientists don’t like that.
Q Can one follow the positive aspects of Hinduism (except their astrology, superstitions, restrictive rules & collectivistic rituals), while still remaining a “cultural” Christian & Westerner?
Nobody can ban you from doing that! Go ahead and follow what you like about any way of life.
Q: Which have been the most dangerous ideas for human beings, religion or nations?  
Krishna: To follow illusionary ideas, opinions, pseudo-science, and irrational beliefs. And attack people who try to drill some sense into you.
You will never progress if you can’t think critically, differently. If you want to seek temporary solace instead of a permanent and real solution, there is no real peace of mind.
People don’t know how dangerously they are drifting away from reality with this attitude. And taking everybody around too with them into that whirlpool!
Q : Is luck everything?

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