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Q: Is standing up for what you believe foolish? Should I do what everyone else is doing?
Krishna : Standing up for ‘just belief’ is not a smart thing. Belief can be merely your perception and need not be a fact or reality. If you believe in Astrology, I might disprove it. What happens to you then if you still want to stick to it stubbornly? You are deviating from reality here and are trying to live in a pseudo-world built by your screwed up thought process. Here you are blindly following some others around.

Standing up for evidence based facts is a smart thing. In this case you are living in reality and fighting for its acceptance. When you are doing this second thing, you are going against the tide most of the time and might face severe turbulence and have to fight a lonely battle. But then you become strong, self sufficient and gain personal knowledge.

Decide for yourself which path to choose now.

Q: How does intelligence affect individual's ability to cope with the demands of society?
Krishna : Intelligence is different from intellectualism. Intelligence need not make you cope with demands of a society, and can make you vulnerable to it. Intelligent people can do foolish things too.

Intellectuals , on the other hand are different.

First of all if you are an intellectual, you realize ‘demands of a society’ don’t matter at all!

What is a society? A group , public, a community, population etc. etc. ? These can consist of people with strange perception of things which need not always be factual. They might consider pseudo-things as reality and make themselves followers of an illusionary world which doesn’t make any sense at all if you are an intellectual!

On the other hand a group of intellectuals can recognize facts as they are and as evidence based facts are same everywhere, they don’t demand more than recognizing and strictly sticking to them. Therefore, you don’t face any turbulence when you are with a group that consists of intellectuals.

Intellectuals therefore either prefer loneliness or a group of intellectuals. Other things don’t bother them.

They can live in peace once they attain this state of mind.

Q: What makes it so difficult for humans to question their reality?
Krishna : In a delusional world where media gives fake news, where politicians spin every event, where mass murder is conducted under the guise of a holy war, where food poisons and where alternative medicine spoils your health or kills, where religion, ideology and culture condition your mind it is a sign of great strength of character to challenge the supposed authority figures around you.

If superstitions, misconceptions and myths get into your psychology as reality, where is the need to revisit your thinking process?

We got so used to it, we started living in an illusionary world and thinking it is real! If somebody tries to bring reality before peoples’ eyes, they refuse to see the right picture because they are used to illusion and ‘feel comfortable’ with it.

Coming out of comfort zones needs courage and critical thinking. If you are used to easy living you don’t want to ‘strain your mind and emotional health’.

Where being average, obedient, emotional and ignorant is considered as ‘good’, where is the need for going for an ‘uncomfortable' change’?

Aren’t sheep living like that? Aren’t chickens living like that? Why should human beings be any different? We can live like them - one among the crowd. When you are in a group, yes, you can get away with it.

“Being different’’ is being brave and lonely. Not many can venture into the unknown world all alone.

Only those who went ‘another way’ know the thrill of reality.
We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.- Plato

Q: Why do people cross their fingers for luck?
Krishna : How do superstitions originate?
During ancient times, somebody in some difficult situation must have accidentally crossed his/her fingers while undergoing stress. By chance s/he would have come out of the situation unscathed. Then s/he made connections that were really not there and told everybody around that crossing fingers brings luck. So everybody started following it without giving it a second thought.

Wait a minute. Everybody? Not me! Not the rationalists.

If it was true, I would have succeeded 100% in all the attempts I made using this trick.

Crossing fingers cannot bring good luck, period!

Q Have you ever seen or communicated with a ghost?

Krishna: According to science, there is no evidence for ghosts. They exist only in people’s minds and imagination. Of course, some people hallucinate under certain conditions.

If anybody says they can speak to ghosts, they are trying to trick you.

Paranormal and supernatural beliefs associated with Ouija have been harshly criticized by the scientific community, since they are characterized as pseudoscience. The action of the board can be parsimoniously explained by unconscious movements of those controlling the pointer, a psychophysiological phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect.

  1. Heap, Michael. (2002). Ideomotor Effect (the Ouija Board Effect). In Michael Shermer. The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience. ABC-CLIO. pp. 127-129. ISBN 1-57607-654-7
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Yes, people who promote these things lie to you and make you believe them.

Skeptics say that the Ouija moves due to the ‘ideomotor effect’ (sometimes called "automatism"). The ideomotor effect refers to the involuntary and unconscious motor behaviour of a person. The term "ideomotor action" was coined by William Carpenter in 1882 in his explanation for the movements of dowsing rods and pendulums by dowsers, table turning by spirit mediums and, of course, the movement of pointers on Ouija boards.

Muscular movement can be initiated by the mind independently of volition or emotions. We may not be aware of it, but suggestions can be made to the mind by others or by observations. Those suggestions can influence the mind and affect motor behaviour. What is purely physiological, however, appears to some to be paranormal if they have ‘intuitive minds’ and not rational ones.

Science and the paranormal

Q: Why is predicting the future a "BIG DEAL"?

Krishna: It is a big deal for those who believe in pseudo-science, not for others.

Nobody can predict the future correctly. It is a winning game for people who play to earn money by cheating people. And it is a game of losing for suckers.

It is a commercial game for the media.

It is an amusing game to watch and condemn for the rationalists.

Why Astrology is a Fool’s paradise

Q: How can you tell if astrology is true or false? What is your experience with astrology?

By critically and scientifically analyzing it. Like this…

Why Astrology is Pseudo-science

It was found to be fake. There are several research papers published all over the world. Many scientific studies have been made, and they all show that astrology is no more accurate than chance would have it in making predictions.

What is your experience with astrology?

Anecdotal evidence is the worst form of evidence. Why?

Why do people still think it works for them despite tremendous evidence to the contrary? Yes, why?

That is a psychological effect. The Barnum effect, also called the Forer effect, is a common psychological phenomenon whereby individuals give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically to them but that are, in fact, vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people.

Watch this video that tells why people are so confused about it

So most of the people say it works for them and some astrologers could predict their future correctly.

And we, the people of scientific community, smile and think as long as suckers exist in this world, there won’t be any dearth in having cheaters who fool the world in the name of science, vedas and what not!

Ah! Games people play.

Q: How can I learn Astrology?

Krishna: I was asked to answer this question!

Nobody can actually ‘learn Astrology’ because ‘predicting future’ is impossible for any one.

There is no such thing as scientific astrology. And astrology as we know it now is unknown during vedic times. Therefore vedic astrology doesn’t exist in the first place.

Still why do people go after it? And why do people try to fool others? Read here:

Read my reply above.

Don’t go after a oasis. You would be wasting your life if you do.

Q: How will you convince a depressed person to think positively?
Krishna: Making people see things and think realistically is more important than thinking positively. The thing that makes us truly strong is ‘being realistic’, neither positivity nor negativity. Why?

You get depressed in the first place because your expectations didn’t match with reality. This happens with positive thinking. Being positive makes us expect too much. It is not a very effective tool and can be downright harmful in some cases, when you don’t get the picture right and anticipate more than you put efforts into a situation. That is like creating an illusion and kidding yourself!

There are much better ways to get the benefits that positive thinking allegedly provides. Don’t see things through coloured lenses and get a different picture like positivity provides. Can you actually go through life without labeling what happens to you as good or bad? Yes, you can. You have to train yourself to do this. You have been conditioned to think of things as bad or good. You can de-condition yourself.

Think of our pain and suffering as being hit by two arrows. The first arrow, the inevitable pain of life, whether a difficult event, thought or feeling, is shot at us; we have little control over this. But then we shoot a second arrow at ourselves with our own reaction to the pain, amplifying and prolonging it. The suffering from the refusal or pushing away of this pain, the "it shouldn’t be here," the "I can’t stand this," but also the blaming, the ruminating, the "why me?" the "it’s always been this way and always going to be this way" stories: these are the parts we add. To put it simply: pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Just see things and situations exactly as they are, analyse them neutrally using facts and true knowledge and realize the truth, not illusion like positive thinking shows, and tackle it in the right way. Just because you think positively and wish that something would happen, it will not happen without making the right efforts. An example: Majority of the poor people in the world daily wish they had money to have a decent living, food and housing. They wish and pray for it. But do they get what they want with just this positive thinking? NO!

If you think just positive thinking helps you, it just is your perception, not the truth.

Failures might occur in life. When they do, you should revisit your problem, analyse it thoroughly and realistically in an enlightened way and think you haven't found a proper solution to it yet and that's why you couldn't overcome it, then try to get one, increase your efficiency of the effort, plug the loopholes and go after it with all your might to defeat it.

That is the realistic way of doing things and that is what science tells us to do.
Q: Why are prayers not effective solutions against black magic?
Krishna: There isn’t anything called black magic in reality in the first place.

Black magic works only on mentally weak people, not because it actually works but because it effects their psychology. When you think it is working, you get scared, worried, get depressed and think everything negative happening in your life is because of it.

If somebody can control your mind and life like that it is because you showed them your weaknesses and vulnerability. Fear, uncertainty, greed and jealousy and of course ignorance are these deficiencies in your meantal make up.

Just a few mantras, lemon and chillies or some kumkum and haldi or a doll or a few neem leaves cannot do any harm to anybody. A person who cannot control his own destiny cannot do any harm to others. No person has such supernatural powers as to cause harm to others just by wishful thinking. Realize that. Then nothing or nobody can effect you.

The nocebo effect has been seen in clinical trials. The opposite of the placebo effect, the nocebo effect can cause patients to develop symptoms when told they may be a side-effect of a possibly harmless drug. This may explain how a curse could have a real effect.

Some people try to earn money by cheating people and telling them they can do black magic on others. If you are a sucker, you believe them.

Science doesn’t accept black magic because there is no such thing actually. It just is a superstition. Your baseless belief that is effecting you mentally because you are not strong. So stop believing in it if you don't want it to work psychologically.

No other solutions are effective if you believe in it.
Q: What is the afterlife like? I’ve been having anxiety lately that the afterlife doesn’t exist. 
Krishna: There is no evidence of after life. So it doesn’t exist most probably.

There is no after life according to science

Why do you worry about that? What difference does it make? You have a life now. Utilize it to the utmost. You don’t need many lives or an after life to live a life you want.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. - Mae West

Q: What is your opinion on opinions?


In my world of science, opinions don’t count much. So I stopped taking them seriously.

When something is based on peoples’ perception and not reality, why should I even bother about their biases, strange interpretations, conditioning of their minds, emotions, ignorance and beliefs?

I just play with them for a brief period to understand people around, and then move on.

Q: Lately, I have been thinking I have brought bad luck to my boyfriend. His studies got discontinued, his father passed away, etc. Can it be that I am bad luck for him?
Krishna : Rubbish! It just is a co-incidence that you entered his life just when his father died and his difficulties began.

How can you consider yourself responsible for his father’s death when a disease or some condition that had developed over several years before your entry ‘s responsible for it?

If it ‘s an accidental death, some reckless driver or a condition ‘s responsible for it?

Your BFs lack of determination or his financial difficulties might be responsible for his condition.

In what way are you responsible for it?

You are connecting unrelated things.

Your thinking is crooked, irrational and not justifiable. Abandon it immediately or peace of mind will abandon you.
Q: What do you want to share anonymously with the world?

Because critical thinking and scientific thinking are my guides.

Q: Why do people who study astrology always embrace/accept the evilness that is said/predicted to happen, and do not take an initiative to stop it or modify it?
Krishna :

First of all astrologers cannot predict things correctly. If they can, our history and destiny would have been different from that we face today.

Even if some tried, they miserably failed, because of their delusions. . This is a true story of an astrologer:

It seems a very famous astrologer's wife was about to give birth. While she was being taken to a lobour room in a hospital, the astrologer gave money to one of the nurses and asked her to throw a lemon outside through the window - which should not be done actually - as soon as the baby was born.

The nurse obliged. Based on the time the lemon was thrown out of the window, the Astrologer prepared a horoscope for the girl. According to the astrologer's prediction, the first husband of the girl would die just two months after the marriage. Then she would marry another man and lives a very happy life.

Then when the girl was about 18, the astrologer thought ... 'Anyway the first husband of my daughter would die, why should I make her marry a good and healthy person? Let me get her a mentally retarded person who would be of no use and if he dies, nobody would be unhappy. After this person dies, I can search for a good groom and bring him as my second- son-in-law'. So he searched a for such a mentally ill person and got his daughter married to him.

But... his mentally challenged son-in-law didn't die even after several years making his daughter suffer all through her life!

The astrologer regretted his bad decision based on his worst prediction throughout his life.

That is what Astrology is!

Why Astrology is a Fool’s paradise

Q: When making a decision, what kind of thinking is not a part of your ego?
It frees you from biases that try to influence your thought processes. It makes you completely neutral and highly rational. Only real scientific facts, data and evidence helps you in this process and nothing else.
Keen observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision making are the vital stages of critical thinking.
Q: If you have any loved ones who have passed away, where did they go? What is your scientific explanation to the Q why do you stop to exist at a point of time?

They didn’t go anywhere. They are still in this universe!

We all came from star dust and energy. And go to it again. In never ending cycles, each atom of our bodies goes to other forms, including the living ones both while we are still living and after our deaths. Atoms from other bodies come to us. There will be atoms that have been inside a living cell that started 3.5 billion years ago on our planet and are still in living cells today. Matter will be turned into energy and energy into mass. We belong to everything and everything belongs to us! A group of cells composed of atoms and energy in our brains makes us conscious with their work. It is the reason why we think, feel emotions including pain. But can't we channel that consciousness into realizing reality and face it with courage? We can, certainly!

We all belong to one universe. We were born here as a result of coming together of a few atoms and some energy and the resultant consciousness. In the end we will return to the place where we came from. The bits and energy our bodies are made of will be returned to the universe for the recycling process to continue. .

In the process we meet some forms like us who too came together with the help of atoms and energy and consciousness, who we call relatives and friends and inanimate things like our houses, cars, money etc. which we think are ours. They are ours only till we are here as conscious beings. Realize this. They are actually owned by the universe we came from, not us. And go back to it! That is the eternal truth!

Yes, our beloved ones who departed from us will still be there in the configuration of scattered particles and energy in this universe. But not in the conscious shapes we interacted with during their life times. We will never meet them again in those appearances we are familiar with once they die. We can only see them in our dreams as our brains try to comfort us by showing their pictures. That is all.

After our deaths and destruction we too return back to the universe as individual atoms and energy, to the one body that recycles them and we all belong to whether we lived with our conscious bodies or existed as inanimate forms.

It is wonderful to think we all belong to one body, the universe, that processes and reprocesses atoms and energy into different configurations, bring them together in space and time, and then change the situations again to bring in new scenes of appearances. Nobody is going anywhere here and nothing is staying here forever in one form! So no one is departing from this universe, the atoms and energy we are made of are leaving only one form and from the site we are in but still be here in other arrangements and other spots in this one entity we call universe. That is what science tells us. Isn't it comforting too to think about the truth?

Science tries to strengthen our minds permanently by making us real...

WHy do we stop to exist at a point of time? Because the living system cannot sustain when the conditions inside a body become adverse and make it untenable to continue.

For instance, you lose lots of blood in an accident. Then these things follow: 1) Losing approximately 10% of our blood volume will cause increase of heart rate, constriction of arterioral beds, vein, and venous reservoir in your skin and muscle. Antidiuretic hormone for water retention and reabsorption to compensate for volume loss is also secreted. In addition, renin-angiotensin system, a hormone family that regulates blood pressure and fluid balance is also activated. 2) With 15-20% hemorrhage, your vessels are further constricted and your heart rate is also increasing (tachycardia). At this time, your body also need to compensate for the lack of oxygen by going to a process called anaerobic glycolysis, which is an alternative pathway in cellular respiration pathway to keep your cells alive. However, the by-product of this alternative pathway is lactate, whose accumulation in the plasma can cause acidosis. Compensatory rapid breathing is also ensued to compensate the lack of oxygen. 3) Major blood loss will result in irreversible tissue damage due to anoxia (depletion of oxygen), hypercapnia (elevation of carbon dioxide), and acidosis. As a result, cardiac output decreases and therefore causing impaired perfusion in medullary vasomotor center (an area that controls blood pressure and other homeostatic processes) which results in death.


Q: Why do I have thsi feeling that there is something unhuman or occult about my female friend?

  1. You must have a suspicious mind.
  2. Your friend is behaving suspiciously.

Now analyse the situation neutrally to find the truth.

Human beings can’t be supernatural. If the second one is true, your friend is having delusions about her powers.

You are dancing to her music unnecessarily, if the first one is correct.

Q: What poem will you be reciting when you are old, delirious, and on your deathbed? 


Please read it by clicking on the link

Q: Are paranormal investigators authentic in capturing ghosts or are they faking it?
Krishna : Faking, without a doubt, because real ghosts don’t exist according to science. Police here reported stories where people tried to fake things. Read all about it here:
Q: What is the difference between a soul of a person who passed away and a ghost? From what I've read, they seem the same and has now confused me. 
Krishna: Both are imaginative things that have no evidence of existing , according to science. Imaginative things can differ from person to person because each one can come up with a different description depending on their perception and hallucination. This can confuse people like you. I am not surprised.
Q; A mysterious man has offered to grant you extraordinary abilities, but you could only use it to help others and not for yourself (can’t even use it to defend yourself). Furthermore, no one will recognize your good deeds. Would you take the offer?
Krishna : I already took such an offer, not given by a mysterious man though, but by the universe itself. And I am enjoying it!
Q: How do you believe in everything on the Internet?

Lab scientists versus internet scientists

Q:According to recent research, women prefer to get married to men who has a firm grip while shaking hands. Is this true?

Krishna: Rubbish! We are getting lots of these stupid papers in the name of research. Read here how scientists are getting frustrated over these...

'Tweetorial' revealing scientists' frustration with recent alcohol study

Women, if they are intellectuals, prefer intellectuals, men who respect them and love them.

Other things are secondary in nature. 

Q: Do you believe the afterlife is connected somehow with the mysteries of the universe?
Krishna : While there is evidence of the universe, there is no evidence of afterlife.

It just is people’s imagination. If you say it is one of the mysteries of the universe, it again is your belief or perception and not reality.

Now you are trying to connect a universe that has evidence with an afterlife - which is your wild imagination.

It becomes weird even if you think about it.
Q: In your opinion, What went wrong in god's plan?
Krishna : What went wrong in ‘human imagination’? That made human beings believe in irrational things?

Lack of true information. Facts. Data. Critical thinking.

Now that we are getting them or have them, why can’t we use them or why should we still follow the old ways of thinking? Like neanderthal’s thought and imagined?

Why can’t we have a better understanding of the world around?

Why is the human mind refusing to grow?

Yes, why?!
Q: People who have had enlightenment relate their experience as them realising they are not the body but the soul. Doesn't this mean there is a duality namely the body and soul whereas Advaita Vedanta stresses on non-duality as a nature of existence? 
Krishna: I was asked to answer this Q.

What is enlightenment? Understanding? Learning? Information? Education?

Is it free from biases that influence your thought processes? Is it free from false perceptions about reality?


That is why different enlightened people come up with different versions of it! Can they show evidence that what they perceived is absolute truth?


Shall I tell you something? According to science there is no evidence of soul!

Soul?! What is it according to science and scientists?

Therefore, what people understand is just their imagination based on their perceptions of the world? Is it just belief -based?

When enlightenment is so much based on ordinary human perceptions and biases, truth can never be really found.

Science and Spirituality

Q:Does astrology/science go against religion? What does it mean to learn and take from both? 

Science deals with facts. It doesn’t care if religion gets the boot in the process.

If religion says, Sun God is driven in a chariot by seven horses, science showed evidence to the contrary. If religious people get annoyed, science can’t do anything about it.

If you want to live in reality, follow science. If you want to live in an illusionary world, go the other way. If you want to keep one leg in each of these things that go in different ways, try and balance and we will watch the fun!

Q:How can I know the truth? I don't want any deceptions in my life. I see that everything is a deceptions here. Is it true that, there is a real truth according to Hinduism? 

That is why science asks us to do neutral reasoning to find facts.

Science and Spirituality

Q: Do you want politics to be more logical?
Krishna : They won’t work then!

Q: Do thoughts and prayers really work?

In 1936, a young girl in New York named Phyllis sent Albert Einstein a letter asking him whether scientists prayed. In the letter, posted by Brain Pickings from a larger volume of Einstein's letters answering children's' questions, he replied that since scientists believe that everything in the world must fall under the laws of nature, they don't believe that a wish can be granted by a supernatural force.

Scientists think that every occurrence, including the affairs of human beings, is due to the laws of nature. Therefore a scientist cannot be inclined to believe that the course of events can be influenced by prayer, that is, by a supernaturally manifested wish.

Science tries to strengthen our minds permanently by making us real...

Q: As a quiet person do most people assume you are less intelligent than you are?
Krishna: No, they don’t. The moment they read the prefix before my name or the educational qualifications after my name and really know who I am ( a polymath), most of the people run away from me. Because they don’t understand what I speak most of the time. Even if they understand it, it looks completely alien to them.

That is the mark of … you fill it with whatever you want.
Q: What would you ban in India if you had a chance?
Krishna : Several things.

Superstitions, pseudo-science, caste, corruption, stupidity, celebrity culture, public urination, littering, chalta hai attitude.
Q; What is the basis of your view about reincarnation?
Krishna: Science.

There is no scientific evidence of reincarnation. Except for anecdotal evidence which is the worst form of evidence, there is no highest form of evidence for it.

So my critical thinking has discorded it. However, if somebody can give genuine scientific evidence, I am prepared to consider it. Till now none came.
Q:If ghosts were real, and everyone becomes a ghost when they die, why aren't we overrun with billions of ghost hauntings? 

Because there are no ghosts actually, according to science! People hallucinate under certain conditions and assume their imaginations are true. Some people deliberately plant stories of them. And the innocent believe these stories!

Science and the paranormal

Q: Why does this world need/wants/admires/values only perfect people? Why there is so much discrimination between perfect and imperfect people all around the world especially in foreign countries?
Krishna : Who says this? I have seen several imperfect people getting great admiration because they can talk well or can tell stories well, especially on the social media. Once you achieve a star status, nothing else matters, your status can pull you up and up.

Videos and narrations going viral on social media demonstrates this. Mediocrity sells a lot, not perfectness.

Misconceptions, alternate facts, and pseudo-science, eventhough not perfect, can get you millions of likes, up votes, followers and admirers.

We, the people of scientific community, know this fact very well.
Q: Which one is more creepy and scary, Asian ghost or Western ghost?

The imagination in your mind! And the type of stories creative minds weave to scare you!

Because ghosts don’t really exist according to science.

Science and the paranormal

Q: Can you be smart and religious?
Krishna : Smart people become religious when they screw up their thought process in one area.
Q: Why do different astrologers give different predictions for the same horoscope?
Krishna :Because they cannot actually predict! You heard it right. Nobody can predict your future based on your birthdate, time and place. Science has provided evidence for this. Therefore, they creatively write some story that vaguely can be applied to everyone! Read here why …
Q: Can people see ghosts in mirrors?

Then how do some people ‘see’ them. They hallucinate or imagine things. How? Read here : Science and the paranormal

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