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Updates in fine art

 There are differences in the application of the update concept

As it is used in ResearchGate and how I use it in my case.


Regarding the updates in Bioptical Art I present two aspects.


1- Presentation of optical phenomena and techniques, possibly applied in fine art, to a group of professional artists

 2 - Applications and development of Bioptical Art by artists, colloquial (without my intervention).

Professional artists are the owners of thousands of techniques. To this he adds his own training of artistic sensitivity.


I want a phase of updating with participation in my research, a group of artists who communicate with each other online,

 Even if they do it for the training of the artistic sensitivity, while still composing the art in its own style.


 Relative to my wish see link:


Bi-optical (Di-optical) Art; a continuum in fine art

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I consider a continuum in fine art the fact thatany bi-optic composition contains almost entirety aconventional composition, whatever the style in which the latter is obtained. In set theory it…Continue





A difficulty that occurs when using my publications is that it is generally

the image for the left eye differs substantially from the image for the right eye and are people

who can not be aware of these images  spontaneously and training for deinhibition is needed.

Other people may not be aware of steroskopic images.

The colloquial ways in the group of artists allow deinhibitions with accents associated with artistic emotions.


These emotions are generally amplified by the resonance that appears in the group of artists.

 I recall the effects and phenomena that can be perceived, developed and strengthened relative to reproducibility,

by the group of artists.


New techniques in fine arts by applying the research from Binocular Rivalry associated in a synergistic manner with Colour Fusion and with elements of Stereoscopy.

Possibility to associate stimuli causing innovative perceptions with the techniques used in traditional fine arts such as:
Psychophysiological mixture of colours, retinal cooperation, antispace in art, spatial harmony, bispace in art, psychic cycle, dynamics of space depth, spatial disharmony, hyper-realistic effects, hiatus in art, visual gradient, hyperspace in art, space and time in bioptical art, field binocular rivalry. 


As a specialist in optical systems, I have established mathematical relationships, , possibly of

  introduced into the easel painting, step by step,  in the rhythm of the pictorial touch,

  painting elemental shapes, and returning, wiping them out, for more appropriate elemental shapes.

Like in music, when looking for the piano, the melodic line of inspiration.


  For stereoscopy see the patent relations that I registered in 1974

 OSIM Patent no 67678/19.02.1974 - Method for model making


14. Some additions and resumptions on the bioptical composition


  See publications in;

ART LAB - Art, Science, Li tt, Science based  Art


ResearchGate  Iliescu Liviu


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Elementary space; Is painted according to simple rules derived from mathematical relationships.



Extract from:


OSIM Patent no 67678/19.02.1974 - Method for model making








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