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Q: How is a matriarchal society fair, as proposed by Cathy Areu, fair? I thought feminists were fighting for equality, not superiority?
Krishna: I recently coined a new word: Naziequity ( yes, similar to the word feminazi).

Please don’t misunderstand me.

I am all for women empowerment. I am fiercely independent. I despise patriarchy. I don’t like it when men try to dominate me or any woman. I compete with men for everything and come out with flying colours each time I do that. I passionately proved myself equal to men in almost all aspects. Men respect me for what I am today and when some men told me I was their inspiration, I was thrilled to the core.

But still why did I coin that word which ties equality with Nazism?

Because I personally experienced some men and women going overboard with feminism.

I had a discussion with some people on reforms recently. Based on that

I wrote a write up too: Effects of pregnant women smoking and drinking on their fetuses

I was hounded like hell by people who call themselves messiahs of gender equality. Because, they couldn’t understand the right context or the intention with which I wrote my write-up or said some words. According to their perception people who say such things are women with double standards and toxic patriarchs. I hit the ignore button and moved on.

Don’t expect a scientist to blindly support you. We don’t cater to people’s egos, expectations, and lopsided thinking. We strictly stick to facts. Even if we have to face the wrath of the entire world while doing that. We don’t give a damn.

Equality means equality in all situations and conditions. Period!

If you demand more and try to grab others’ share too, you will never command respect you expect with your greed.

Naziequity can get you nowhere! You just remain as unequal as ever if you use such tactics!

Strive for equality, not for naziequity.

Q: What are your thoughts on opening the third eye in scientific ways?

Krishna: “Third eye in mythology” is just what it is, mythology. Don’t try to link it with science. It becomes pseudo-science if you do.

If you think third eye is the eye of insight, then, yes, science can help. Like this: science-and-spirituality

Q; How many miracles have you seen so far?

But, yes, one! Its name is science!

Q; Can diamonds bring bad luck?

What is 'luck' according to science

Q: Is science searching the proof behind the miracles done by spirituality?

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