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   Form contains the structure for a binocular microscope for scientific research.

   The microscope was commissioned by the Ministry of Health of Romania.

  This microscope are no longer manufactured.

The company that produced it changed its name.

  I led the group that developed documentation to manufacture this


  I believe that as the microscope, belongs to the class, Ready Made-Marcel Duchamp


About traditional fine art, Readymades Marcel Duchamp


      Universal microscope for research


  The microscope offers the possibility of complex research:

   in transmitted light, reflected light, dark-field,

  including UV-fluorescence, polarized light - including interferential,

phase contrast, photographs (two devices), is also possible coupling

  for 16 mm film, spectral lamps (HBO etc),

  projection screen or on their screen remotely.

 The microscope has    displacement, vertical micrometric of the table,

 precise and stable, for clear image,   allowing the camera exposure time of several hours.


  Plan achromatic microscope objectives and obietive Apochromat how and cameras

  were bought from known companies.


   Title the document, written for approval of manufacturing

 the research microscope MC1 on 03/07/1962


 The group that elaborated documents has obtained

patents OSIM Romania 51109, 51110 and 51111

                                                  Universal microscope for research


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