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Artistic Limits and Virtual Images from Geometry Optics in Fine Art Compositions.


In learning the tendencies for fine art evolutions, there are also restrictive criteria reflected by the professionals.

  And in this field we are looking for extrapolariers, among which we distinguish the ones to train some skills

genetically inherited in the visual sense like binocular rivalry.

See link:


Fine Art Binocular Rivalry extrapolation


Fine art, an important section in culture, is mainly the artists' field,

who have been trained with millennium accumulations, pass through generations, almost esoterically, this profession.

In currents and movements, through manifesto, they exhibited compositions in some styles

sometimes with exclusive names like Suprematism.


 To avoid imposture, quite frequent. such as in the case of abstract styles,

 articles are written that reject techniques that come from uninstructed people.


 I have studied and proposed techniques from optical research, applicable in fine art.


The attempt to persuade artists to use these techniques failed.


  It appears to be damaging to say that only artists have the right to propose techniques for development

in art


I have transposed some compositions into what I have called Bioptic Art (Dioptic - Art for Both Eyes)

with the consent of the respective artists.


 I wrote about this possibility in the chapter:



  1. About interpretations or exegeses by means of bioptics


We know about "variations on a theme" in music. Variations are introduced in a certain theme in point of melody (to a certain extent), rhythm, relative values of the notes, harmony. Some composers are known to revive the works of other musicians, as a homage. It is also known that composers use to introduce cadences of their own in the concertos created by others. 
The bioptical art permits to introduce similar modalities, as I shall show in the following lines. Many compositions of the modern plastic art succeed in conveying only a little of the artist's sensitivity. They have a high entropic degree. Art critics try to cover the distance between the artist and the recipient subject. I provide the opportunity to introduce in well-known compositions a different type of wordless comments, with the help of bioptical means. They may complement known types of visual psychotherapy with beneficial effects. 
For illustration, I have chosen compositions from the field of Suprematism, De Stijl, and Minimal Art. 




Bioptical Art updates completions Space color sensation


Bi-optical (Di-optical) Art; a continuum in fine art


Hypotheses concerning the definition an sequential contrast in fine...


Psychical satiety in affectivity



From the possibilities of cointerest artists of fine art


   The artistic evaluations belong to the artists in contact with the art loving audience.


The application of techniques resulting from research in various fields belongs to artists.


Artists have the opportunity to consult Google, which presents selection files by applying hundreds of criteria

published in the order resulting from these criteria, such as the ones below.


 Composition in the Conceptual Art Style


  An example of the application of research with a description more narrow  but essential in fine art.



Simultaneous contrast identified by Michel Eugène Chevreul refers to the manner in which the colors of two different objects affect each other. The effect is more noticeable when shared between objects of complementary color.

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