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Fine art compositions using binocular rivalry


fine art binocular rivalry


  you will notice that the first page appears, after mentioning some publications that I share, and the recent publication

Binocular Rivalry and Luster | Michael Scroggins


 Google applying numerous criteria (hundreds of orders) kept me in a priority order,

   resulting from my publications:



  1. Pictura  bioptica ,"Stiinta si Tehnica" (Bucharest), no 8-9, 1987.
      4.   Pictura  bioptica ,"Arta" (Bucharest), no 7, 1988.
  2. Acordul  retinelor, "Arta" (Bucharest), no 5, 1989.
  3. Abstractizarea stimulata, "Arta" (Bucharest), no 2, 1990.
      7.  ;  Adieri  albastre, "Arta" (Bucharest), no 9-10, 1990.
      8.  Arta bioptica; Bioptical Art - training of bioptical vision, Crater,   Bucharest, 1998,

      148 pages. ISBN 973-9029-37-X.

  1. Initiation into bioptical art; Initiere in arta bioptica; Monitorul Oficial,

        Bucharest, 2005, 87 pages. ISBN 973-567-472-6.
   10. The Paired Off Visual Signal; Semnalul vizual pereche 2007, Monitorul Oficial, Bucharest,

            95  pages ISBN 978-973-0-05187-2.

   11  Visual-Sense-Storming, SemnE Bucharest, 2010, 49 pages,

            ISBN 978-973-624-946-4
   12 Visual  sense storming ; Liviu Iliescu – Bioptica  art

           online ; Amazon – Kindle ; September 9- 2015


The author knows some of my publications without quoting me.

  The proof is some of S. Dali's compositions that I have quoted myself.



Links and headings to access the articles cited in the publication ...


In the publications of compositions for demonstrations I used the technique published in


  1. About interpretations or exegeses by means of bioptics


The artistic level is that resulting from self-training.

I am confined to technical descriptions, with limited artistic skills.


I regret that professional artists have not composed bioptical replicas.


Slowly, the Romanian prorities will be lost slowly and in the vast arts publications

(hundreds of millions of orders) will be harder for professional artists to assert themselves world-wide.


What is fundamentally new is the fine art adaptation of the concept of BIOPTIC and the development of skills

new visuals.




Possible development of the fine art compositions for the two eyes ...


and go through the Discution Instruction


In relation to the new concept (bi-optic), Google's criteria allow it to be dimensioned



OPERATIONALIZAREA CONCEPTULUI, Concepte operationale referat


Operationalization of concepts is the transition from concept to its specific dimensions, variables, indicators and indices. The term "dimension" is included in the classic operationalization scheme, but it still shows a high degree of relativism and perhaps ambiguity. The dimensions of a particular concept are not self-imposed.




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In connection with


Fine art compositions using binocular rivalry


  a distribution made by Dr.Livia Mateiasi of the post made by GIGITAL CANAVAS

published on 14 March in Timisoara




Livia Mateiaș a distribuit postarea publicată de DIGITAL:CANVAS.

14 martie la 14:49 ·



DIGITAL:CANVAS a adăugat 3 fotografii noi — simţindu-se inspirat(ă) la artouching.

14 martie la 11:45 · Timișoara · 

Last night event was about drawing with pixels and graphite! 
at DIGITAL:CANVAS by Eiichi Tosaki









#bimanualcoordonation #drawing

Vezi traducerea

Îmi placeVezi mai multe reacţii





Iliescu Liviu My commentary; so it looks in the parallel universe to a fast processing

if it is from 15 ... 20 cm the space is reversed; in the small format




Îmi placeVezi mai multe reacţii



Livia Mateiaş Also looks good in the parallel universe: I am very glad that we can perceive images

and information coming from there ☀️



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