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Dear members of   "Science and Art - Bioptical Art"

At my request to start initiating the Bioptical Art said no member of the group.
An explanation of your attitude I consider my lack of will gradually send the information needed.
Each of you have fine art compositions that show talent 
I am not an expert in assessing compositions of fine art, but
my training in the conventional fine art , it transpires think that makes your passion for art.
I give a technique based on expanding the visual sense; 
substantially increases the possibility of communication.

   Exchange I start working with you and I will suggest everyone to choose a personal composition that it translate in Bioptical Art
together,   in the introduction to one of the components
binogramei (stereograms) stimuli most bioptical

I  am waiting for a  few members to answer my call.

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Dear Lucia

I enjoy your work that you send them to me

 and your desire to achieve bioptical compositions.

And these compositions, that you send them also have binary structure, but not bioptical compositions


See f igures


   Eg. The first figure shows the composition I want,

to transpose in bioptical composition:


Attention! all points the form to translate must be

at the same height (A1, A2, A3,…).


All points the form which translates differs in size up to 6mmm horizontally (in the case this image size) H1, H2, H3 ... to bring them into space.


The image must be observed from 2 meters (in the case this image size).

Effects they will see me and some friends who see with crossed eyes

and you will see it if you train


I'll send tests in addition to training.
















I tried to read and understand the techniques. But they are too technical and complicated for artists to understand. I didn't understand much. I don't have any knowledge with regard to science and technology. Online courses where the learners are from a different field need more clear explanations starting with basics. People who have full knowledge about the techniques might not understand our problem. I am not surprised most members here are indifferent. I wonder how many of them understand these techniques.

What benefits do we get by learning them? In what way do they help us in creating art works?

You must be one of the few who does this work in the world and that is why your work shows first in search engine lists. I am not surprised. But that doesn't help the artists here.

Can you  simplify  the techniques more for us to understand?


Dear Naveen Patnaik 

Thanks for message. I want to have a discussion of techniques bioptical elements.

I was gradually introduce elements and you to answer if you understand

or not understand

I will return with explanations until you understand them.

 The difficulty is that such news should be transmitted from teacher to disciple.

  One difficulty is that some people  not aware

binocular expanded space. So you need to test if you realize it   (can be learned)

To retain this form he should explain:

Is to remember; I have to explain this  perceptually way:

binocular space expanded.


You perceive stereoscopic space, observing through stereoscope?

Practice the following elementary theme:

Look with an eye objects placed at different   distances (2…10meters)  

 ~ 30 second    and then open the second eye.

(eyes closed should not be forced, possibly using a small screen)

Then repeat with the other eye. Repeat several times a day.

Must perceive the spatial differences.


Testing the stereoscopic perception 


 Link  :  Manual EN

or directly

Link: Fig. SB16…SB18 - testing the stereoscopic perception 

(see 3 pages)

The main advantages consist in training the visual perception,

influencing the style of the artist.

Practice Bioptical Art has other advantages that we will discuss.

An example to see if you can read my recent discussion:

 Bioptical Art ; Cabinet for visual  psychotherapy


Because phenomena that I describe depends on the subject receiver (the man) is necessary to form a small group (3 ... 5 members, friends)

  for interactive discussions, discussions that will be followed by all

group members.




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