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Some techniques resulting from optics research, proposed for developments in fine art and trends.


Some techniques resulting from optics research, proposed for developments in fine art and trends.


  Fine art professional appears to me as a restrictive field in terms of creative participation, dominated by artists   trained with thousands of accumulated miles in the near esoteric way.

This attitude is against imposture

Evaluations, in this immense part of culture, are made primarily by experts, who also look at how the public is receiving, with an intellectual level above the average.


As a specialist in optics design, I studied intersection elements with fine art,

       shaping my perspective from the optics to the essentials of this art field.

    So I have developed techniques that I bring to the attention of artists.

   These techniques also arise from more comprehensive documentation

  to the visual sense.


I highlight the importance of applying Binocular Rivalry in fine art compositions, which implies disinhibiting and acquiring new skills in the visual sense.

Research has been published over the past decade, using magnetic resonance imaging tests. in the neuroimaging discipline

  In support of my proposal, I have publications with some theoretical considerations    to fine art compositions.


See some examples (links)

   Regarding the contemplation of the aesthetic composition

Compositions of fine art in which it would be possible to observe t...


Regarding aspects of saturation in art

Psychical satiety in affectivity


Regarding photographs obtained on the brain, with magnetic resonance, of a graphic test of Binocular Rivalry

Subcortical discrimination; binocular rivalry; magnetic resonance


I have articles published in the ResearchGate network


There are other authors who make proposals for fine art development.

 How can the trends be discerned?

It would be advisable to consult what appears as a huge bibliographic file practiced by Google through the ordered selections, using hundreds of criteria for a theme,

Of course, follow the selection of experts.


So to find out the concerns about the relative sense of fine art we posted

   fine art sense science

 My publications have been selected as priorities for many of the results, including the enclosed sketch.

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