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SCIENTIFIC DELIRIUM MADNESS - Scienctist-Artist Collaboration Begins Summer Residency July 1, 2014

via Leonardo Online

Six scientists and six artists are about to embark on the month-long Scientific Delirium Madness residential retreat starting 1 July 2014 in Woodside, CA. Thanks to Margot Knight, Executive Director of the …


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Concepts in Generative Art, Data as Art and Computational Aesthetics - Part 1

by Mark Gould

It seems that the genre of generative art is both growing and becoming more sophisticated every day, and receiving a lot of attention in the art press and in related social networks. But there remains substantial confusion over the term, which I hope to do my part in helping to at least clear up some of the misconceptions and clarify just what is…


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Recording Video and Spatial Data Using Microsoft Kinect - Project by Golan Levin

 The RGBDToolkit invites you to imagine the future of filmmaking.  Repurposing the depth sensing camera from the Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion Pro as an accessory to your HD DSLR camera, the open source hardware and software captures and visualizes the world as mesmerizing wireframe forms. A CGI and video hybrid, the data can be rephotographed from any angle in post.

Recently, Zen, 5, gamely sat for an interview about drawing, paper airplanes, and…


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Light and Motion Study Photography Project

I've started doing a photography project that involves long exposures, and light and motion studies. I use an emulsion transfer process to transfer the image to printmaking paper or canvas and then paint on the image from there. So far, it's been a very satisfying project for me.

This is actually quite easy to do with almost any digital (or analog) camera that…


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Came Across An Interesting Event On the Net - Digital Aesthetic³ Exhibition

According to the organizers promotion  is an international exhibition and conference which explores the impact that the digital has on our sense of self and our relationship to the physical world, which would be yet another perspective of the field of field of aesthetics, if you will.

According to the event announcement, "It demonstrates some of the diverse…


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The Evolving Fields of Artistic Research, Creative Inquiry and Humanites Based Research

While efforts in this regard certainly made large impact at the beginning of the last century, in the middle of the century, and again in the 80′s, say, the postmodern era, we see that this evolution is not completely new. But today we are seeing renewed and evolved thinking about using the arts and other creative-based disciplines as a means of research. Art as research you say? Just another nut job from California you say? Perhaps, but I think not.

I have spent the last 20 years…


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