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Came Across An Interesting Event On the Net - Digital Aesthetic³ Exhibition

According to the organizers promotion  is an international exhibition and conference which explores the impact that the digital has on our sense of self and our relationship to the physical world, which would be yet another perspective of the field of field of aesthetics, if you will.

According to the event announcement, "It demonstrates some of the diverse ways that artists are utilising digital technology, including projection, digital print, 3d work, screen based video work, touch panel installation, and a live interactive website."

There have been two previous Digital Aesthetic events (2001 and 2007) Digital Aesthetic³ 2012 will include a two-day conference featuring special presentations by a diverse range of invited international artists, curators and academics. The conference, which will take place over two days on Friday Oct 5th and Saturday Oct 6th will be held at the event's academic center and host, the University of Central Lancashire (UK) and will be jointly chaired by Sean Cubitt, Professor of Film and Television Studies, Goldsmith’s College, London and Dr Sarah Cook of CRUMB (Curatorial Research for Upstart Media Bliss), University of Sunderland.

Quoting further from the event website at:

The participating speakers will discuss and explore concepts, ideas, approaches and concerns related to fine art practice in the digital domain within a contemporary critical context. The presentations will vary widely in format, style and approach ranging from traditional academic papers and visual displays through to live performances and demonstrations, but all will focus on the general themes of the event and the exhibitions. Speakers will explore and discuss how digital imaging techniques can empower and engage with issues and notions of place, location and geography, particularly in relation to identity and the physical body.

The Digital Aesthetic Project (2001-2012) is a collaborative venture between the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, and the Electronic & Digital Art Unit at the University of Central Lancashire.

Digital Aesthetic³ 2012 will build upon the success of the two previous events, The Digital Aesthetic (2001) and Digital Aesthetic 2 (2007) by bringing together some of the most significant visual artists, theorists, and academics, working internationally in the field of new media and digital imaging.
 The event will begin with a two-day conference on 5th and 6th October at the University, and will also include exhibitions at the Harris (5th Oct 2012 – 5th Jan 2013) and at UCLan’s PR1 Gallery (6th – 19th Oct 2012).

The Electronic & Digital Art Unit (EDAU) University of Central Lancashire

The Electronic & Digital Art Unit (EDAU) is a specialist research unit, which was established in 2004 by Dr Chris Meigh-Andrews within the School of Art, Design & Performance at the University of Central Lancashire, assisted by Aneta Krzemien.

EDAU houses the Artist’s Film and Video Study Collection, which comprises of over 2000 video and film works by international artists in a variety of analogue and digital formats, as well as associated catalogues and publications. Since its establishment EDAU has been involved in a wide variety of projects related to electronic & digital art including publications, exhibitions, curatorial projects and practice-based MA, MPhil and PhD (fine art practice) and research into the historical and critical context of video art and new media practice.

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Comment by mark.e.gould on September 21, 2012 at 5:38am

Yes, of course!

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on September 21, 2012 at 5:36am

Thank you for posting this interesting event. Can you please add it to the tech and digital art group too?

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