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Art-Sci Articles at Leonardo

For a list of critical art-sci references, and more, see the Cumulative Index for the journal Leonardo at:


Here are a few examples starting from the bottom of the list:

Zet, Martin. "Snails" in Special Section "Art and Biology" Leonardo 31, No. 4. 1998

Wilson, Stephen. Review of Invisible Vision: Could…


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Beyond the Estuary Metaphor - An Essay on Art-Sci and Two Cultures Problem

This is an essay published in 2011 in Leonardo Reviews Quarterly. It considers the problematic legacy of C. P. Snow's idea of Two Cultures and revisits the work of John Steinbeck and Vladimir Nabakov as authors whose literary works were deeply informed by science while commenting more generally on the long history of art-sci interactions.…


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An Art-Sci Discussion on Asian Textile History


This article analyses one ancient Buddhist stone sculpture from early 14th Century Sumatra, Indonesia. Its purpose is to provide a case study of how to rigorously question whether the representations of textiles on such sculptures are accurate representations and if so how much information on technique, design, style and meaning, as well as history…


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