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Beyond the Estuary Metaphor - An Essay on Art-Sci and Two Cultures Problem

This is an essay published in 2011 in Leonardo Reviews Quarterly. It considers the problematic legacy of C. P. Snow's idea of Two Cultures and revisits the work of John Steinbeck and Vladimir Nabakov as authors whose literary works were deeply informed by science while commenting more generally on the long history of art-sci interactions.


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Comment by Liviu Iliescu on February 7, 2013 at 3:18pm

Certainly very interesting publications that relate to the theme of Art-Sci

It is also interesting to point out those publications that provide development techniques.

The techniques that I describe proposed extension communication methods in fine art.

I considered the situation in which fine art appear  a impetuous

   new trends and movements, which taken together reduces transmission of  emotional effects.

Of course there are artists who have remarkable compositions highlighted by the experts.


See link:    Psychical satiety in affectivity



My proposals are based on extending skills in visual sense

See link:

2. Binocular rivalry and stereoscopy in bioptical art

12. Visual-sense-storming


Roger de Montebello (grandfather)

built a steroscop for Dali (3d painting) much more complicated and limited

that the benefits than that proposed by me in:


Stereoscope for dioptical-bioptical perception



  1. Working With Artist Roger de Montebello | Rustin Levenson Art ... - Cached

13 Nov 2012 ... From a family who was all about the arts, Roger de Montebello's grandfather

worked with Salvador Dali on an optical 3-D project.


I think that at least in new areas of culture

we have had to consult highlighting ordered

by the selection criteria Gooogle


Vezi link:


 Such I propose keyword;


fine art visual sense science


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