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Yearly Period of Indian Science Congress has appeared as a major nationwide event. The centenary session planned for 3rd – 7th Jan, 2013 benefits traditional significance in more than one way. Whereas the themes for all the conferences up the period of 2003 since the first session in 1914 could be arranged under ‘Shaping of the Indian Science’, the concept chosen for this session is “Science for shaping the future of India”. President Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate the centenary version of the ISC at Kolkata.


The first observance of the five-day occasion, to be organised at Salt Lake Stadium, will also see Manmohan Singh and Mamata Banerjee discuss the dais for the very first time since the Trinamool Congress stepped out of the UPA in Sept. Singh is predicted to reveal the Science, Technological innovation and Advancement (STI) Plan 2013, which sets greater forced on innovation, developing research institutions and contribution in super science tasks with an aim to place India among the top five scientific abilities in the world by 2020.


The biggest national technology event, organised by Calcutta University, is expected to entice over 10,000 associates such as Nobel laureates and prestigious researchers from country and overseas. This is the Thirteenth time that it is being organised by Kolkata. The town had organised it first time in 1914 and prepared the event last in 1995.


Technology has stayed a human activity for the ingredients of information. The generation of new body of information continues to be the important preoccupation of researchers. In real life, the implementation of developed information for fixing public issues has been gaining equal importance. It is widely approved that the years to come would depend on the power of scientific information to fix issues of food and nutrition security, affordable medical care difficulties, energy and environment relevant issues, water and cleanliness related difficulties, etc. Science, Technology and Innovation are growing three support beams from which upcoming cultures could not only benefit but also depend for fixing public difficulties.


Support from the government will for science of our country since freedom has always been total. Investment strategies into technology have improved in overall huge considerably during the Modern day, although the dedication to increase the Total Expenses on Analysis and Growth to 2% of the Total Household Product still continues to be focused on than truth. Understanding of a nationwide target would demand significant improves of private industry involvement into Analysis and Growth. A new policy atmosphere for making research and development eye-catchy for investment by all discuss owners of technology seems the need of the hour.


Science should appear as a foundation for the long run of our land. The manner in which the new policy 2013 could be implemented would form the main concept of the yearly period. A road map for making an investment science into the growth process of nation is the main subject for conversation. Various economic areas like farming, real estate, energy, atmosphere, medical care, water, home area security, interaction etc. may require new medical information for forming their upcoming. The centenary period is predicted to provide as a foundation for creating coalition among all share owners of science and community to lead a new direction of success for the country in the growing international information economic system.


To motivate researchers, the Association has presented a number of awards for Best Poster demonstration in Jan, 1999. Two awards of Rs.5000/- in cash/cheque along with a certification will be granted to the best demonstration in each Area during the valedictory function of the 100th Indian Science Congress. So, all the best to all great inventors.

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