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About Safety in Cars in India

How often do you wake up to the news of a road accident that killed a few people in some part of the country? Almost every day, right? Then you quickly browse through the other news and life goes on. Every year, over 80,000 people die on Indian roads; every five road accidents leave one dead. Yet, it's just a statistic, which hardly changes our apathy towards…


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The Indian Heroine of Space

Sunita Williams is an American lady of Indian origin. She is the second woman of Indian heritage to have been selected by NASA for a space mission after Kalpana Chawla and the second astronaut of Slovenian heritage after Ronald M. Sega. She holds three records…


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100th Indian Science Congress

Yearly Period of Indian Science Congress has appeared as a major nationwide event. The centenary session planned for 3rd – 7th Jan, 2013 benefits traditional significance in more than one way. Whereas the themes for all the conferences up the period of 2003 since the first session in 1914 could be arranged under ‘Shaping of the Indian Science’, the concept chosen for this session is “Science for…


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Wildlife Conservation is Essential to Preserve the Planet

Protection and conservation of wildlife is essential to maintain the earth’s health and environment. The earth is the only known living planet and it is because of its special environment and ecology which are life-supporting. Forests are part and parcel of our environment. They are one of the most valuable resources and gifts of nature. They play a key role in the maintenance climate,…


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Mount Abu Winter Festival 2012

Goa is populated, Delhi is noisy, Kerala is costly and the record goes on. So, where does one go to enjoy the New Year? Travellers from all over the world desire to experience the pleasant atmosphere of bamboozling India during blooming celebrations. Due to the increase of jovial carnival and activities, the call for passes to our country increases during winter seasons. And why not when…


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Mysore Palace – A Beautiful Architecture

India is a rich country of varied culture and history written in golden words. It is a country which has innumerable forts, palaces, havellis and other monuments which till date, very well showcases the one-time legacy and grandeur of the princely states ruled by the mighty rulers. These magnificent forts and palaces are the fine example of…


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Indian Wedding Celebrations

The Indian wedding celebrations are very prosperous and involve many rituals and customs. Indian weddings carry out varied elaborate events and are known for the fascinating excess of music, great cuisine and colour. To assist in planning and smooth execution of nuptials in India, there are wedding planners whose…


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Hobbies is an Addiction

The word hobby is derived from ‘hobby horse’ which is a, stick fitted with a wooden horse’s head which children ride astride for their amusement. We still talk of a man ‘riding’ his hobby. So a hobby is an amusement, properly it is any interesting pursuit not our main business, which we take up for our amusement in our leisure time. What is business to one man may be a hobby of another, for example, a photographer…


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Handicrafts of India

Indian native has an extremely rich art custom, recognized by great appearance and mixed art history. Difficult designs, styles, painfully crafted typical monuments, shrines and statues, all are spectacular works of art of craftsmanship. All handicrafts of India and styles were mostly representations of existence, socio governmental conditions and fort and court moments. Historical studies have…


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Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru - Season 8

Songs are aspect of our lifestyle. Classical form is one of the types of music. It is anticipated that it has also changed during this period of time and has also been experiencing upgrades in technical progressions. Also, no one can decline that songs are the terminology and is experiencing achievements. To showcase the talents of such achievers,…


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Photography is my Passion

When you look at a photograph taken in the past what do you see? Does it remind you of your past?  What if there were no photographs taken in your past? Really after asking this kind of questions to myself, I praise the person who invented camera to capture the wonderful memories. The art of capturing memories of remarkable times through images is known as Photography. Some people have photography as their hobby whereas some people make their career in it. I am one of the people who like to…


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First Supersonic Sky Diver

On 14th October 2012, the history was created by Felix Baumgartner by jumping from 24 miles above the ground. This record-setting jump has made news around the world. It took five years to plan this Red Bull Stratos mission but only 10 minutes to actually happen. The point from where he jumped is being described as the “edge of space”. He was poised in open doorway of a capsule above the Earth and millions of…


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Cartoons Impact on our daily life

These days, TV has become a source of comfort to everyone who is pressured or is in pain. And if there is a cartoon display than it really becomes a little enjoyment. The cartoon figures are nothing but an art created by the specialist known as cartoonist. Moreover, technical enhancements have allowed development of cartoon toons of popular cartoonist who have a huge fan platform. Mostly kids are the true fans of toons. Kids try to do factors in different ways after viewing cartoon movies…


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Photography is all about secrets

An art of capturing beautiful images in camera and producing it on a photographic film is known as Photography. Nowadays, business, science and art have many uses of Photography. Photography has been started with black-and-white. Black-and-white photography is famous for its classic look and lower cost. Many photographers use the techniques to create black and white from colour digital images also and they also use the cameras that shoot monochrome.…


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