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An art of capturing beautiful images in camera and producing it on a photographic film is known as Photography. Nowadays, business, science and art have many uses of Photography. Photography has been started with black-and-white. Black-and-white photography is famous for its classic look and lower cost. Many photographers use the techniques to create black and white from colour digital images also and they also use the cameras that shoot monochrome.


After the entrance of Colour, the looks of photography changed. Colour photography makes the images as positive transparencies to use in a slide projector. Later on Kodak unveiled the first Digital single lens reflex camera and changed the world of photography. The manipulations in the images were possible because of Digital photography. The new technology of light field photography has been also enabled because of digital methods used in capturing images. The photography is playing a very important role in film industry. Nowadays, all the movies are using photographic effects in it.


Photography can also be called an art and good photographers often exhibit their work like artists exhibit their paintings. In fact, the Greek word for photography means ‘drawing with light’. Photography has many applications in business, science and filmmaking, fashion, tourism, advertising, etc.


Photography is highly used commercially today. There are various types of photography.

  • Advertising company uses photography at high scale to sell a service or product.
  • Fashion and glamour of models are incomplete without photography.
  • Black-and-white photography is used by crime investigation people to capture specific details.
  • Natural photography is been developed with the help of Still Life Photography.
  • The life of animals are demonstrated by wildlife photography


Thus, there is fashion photography where people specialize in taking pictures of models in such a way that it highlights the designer costumes and accessories they sport. To promote tourism to a particular place, attractive brochures have to be designed. These will feature photographs of the tourist spots. Many industries too prepare brochures and catalogues featuring pictures of their products.


In films, still photographers take stills of certain scenes to promote new films in the media. The movie camera is different from still cameras. It takes a rapid sequence of photographs on strips of film. Each series of images forms a frame. The frames are played back later on a movie projector. In the advertising industry, photo shoots are very common.


The products to be advertised have to be shot and sometimes models are also part of the shoots. Good photographers are high in demand and charge hefty fees for their services. A talented photographer can also make a model’s career by helping them to put together a good portfolio. Professional courses are available for those who aspire to become photographers.


How can we forget the wedding photography? Photography plays an important role during occasions like Wedding. It is the way to keep different memories in a beautiful way. The photographer shows his ability through capturing the images during exchanging the rings, saying of the vows, etc. The trends in photography keeps on changing day by day, so always hire a professional photographer for your important events.

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