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Goa is populated, Delhi is noisy, Kerala is costly and the record goes on. So, where does one go to enjoy the New Year? Travellers from all over the world desire to experience the pleasant atmosphere of bamboozling India during blooming celebrations. Due to the increase of jovial carnival and activities, the call for passes to our country increases during winter seasons. And why not when we have the great Winter Festival 2012 in Rajasthan. Organised in the wonderful establishing of Mount Abu from Dec 29-31, the Winter Festival 2012 features in the impact of the different variants Rajasthan is popular for.


There are many festivals celebrated here at Mount Abu, one of them is Winter Festival which is celebrated every year in the month of Dec. Mount Abu becomes active during the winter period. It is situated on the utmost top of the Aravali range of mountains and is covered with lavish green plantations. Every year, more than 30 lacs of visitors visit here and experience its picturesque beauty, wealthy plants & wildlife as well as the stone art of Delwara Jain shrines.  It is also linked as “Oasis in Rajasthan” for being the summer capital and the only hill station in the entire Northern Western of India. The much-talked about occasion is an uncommon combination of social vibrance, awesome handcrafts and amazing food against a stunning backdrop.


This 3 day vibrant event is planned by the Rajasthan Tourism and Municipal board of Mt. Abu to charm tourists and to give the people a pause from the boredom of daily life.  It adores the beauty and kind heart of this hill place. The festivities generally start from the RTDC hotel named Shikhar and continue further through the peak. The primary components of the Fiesta that have given it a globe foundation these days are the friendliness of the individuals, their energetic lifestyle and unique place. The processions eventually end at the nakki lake chowk. Followed by the magnanimous procession there are traditional music and dances conducted by troupes arriving from Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other close by declares and locations.


Let me tell you something about Mt. Abu. According to a tale, the place originates its name from Arbuda, a traitor who originated to the spot to save Shiva’s bull, Nandi. Besides having all the features of an enjoyable mountain hotel, it is also well known for many historical monuments. There are exciting hikes and picnic spot, loving elegant trips of the various erstwhile family members of past Rajputana and some artefacts of the Raj period. The lovely scenery include huge chunks of stones in strange forms, an range of coniferous trees and shrubs, blooming plants, charming ponds and the cool environment much contrary to the dry environments of the state.



Satisfy your wish to encounter the miracle of individuals performers first side on a chilly winter evening while your sight food upon the energy of the Ghoomar, Gair, Dhap and Kalbelia dancing types by becoming the revellers of this event.

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