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The Indian wedding celebrations are very prosperous and involve many rituals and customs. Indian weddings carry out varied elaborate events and are known for the fascinating excess of music, great cuisine and colour. To assist in planning and smooth execution of nuptials in India, there are wedding planners whose immense experience helps saving a whole lot of stress during marriage time as well as with saving of time and money. Marriages in India is witnessing a shift from the traditional nuptials to innovative wedding and hence people are looking at hiring the services of wedding planner who is best known for making the wedding a less stressful and an innovative event. The Matrimony planners in India work usually with a team of specialists who make sure every that every detail of the wedding is worked out as per your budget and preferences such as selection of an appropriate venue, different cuisines, the decorations, and so on. Besides you can also get customised packages for it. There are various websites offering this.


Indian matrimony planners have added, to the already grand Indian marriages new innovations; theme based ceremonies, with every minute detail worked out in sync to the theme. Some of the services of wedding planners are as follows:


Venue: This is of utmost importance as venue provides the basis for genuine theme to be carried out through the occasion. For instance Rajasthan for a royal wedding, and so on.


A proper schedule: A calendar with the entire marriage schedule to provide an insight into the chain of events to take place is an excellent way to keep organised.


Marriage theme: Now with the new concept of themes for it, they are also offering this, some of the popular ones being the royal theme or any specific colour theme.


Accommodation and transportation: They are also looking at the accommodation for your guests at the venue and can clinch some of the best deals for you, with their tie ups at various hotels. In addition they also assist in transportation requirements for it such as receiving the guests from the airport, till their stay.


Cuisine: They have tie ups with caterers offering different cuisines. Depending on your budget and preference, they help in deciding the menu.


Music: Music is an integral part of all Indian marriages, and the wedding planners help in organising this in the best way. In addition, they even arrange cultural musical programs, if so desired.


Decoration: The decoration takes the overall look of the occasion into account such as the flower arrangements to the colour combinations, etc. as per the theme of it. The flowers can be either dry or real flowers, again taking your preference and budget into account.


Cake: The cake is arranged by them taking the theme and your preference in consideration.



Wedding planners are facilitators, supporting you all the way through a smooth wedding; hence you must keep yourself involved in the decisions and alternatives offered by them.

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