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Songs are aspect of our lifestyle. Classical form is one of the types of music. It is anticipated that it has also changed during this period of time and has also been experiencing upgrades in technical progressions. Also, no one can decline that songs are the terminology and is experiencing achievements. To showcase the talents of such achievers, Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru – Season 8 is Created, Structured, and Owned and operated by Lakshman Sruthi Musicals. It is an 8 day mega Carnatic music occasion to be organized at Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai between 18-25 Dec, 2012 where it will host 53 Live concerts in association with m6 Activities. It is a heartthrob musical event. At this event you will get to see the pure Indian culture and also the dance forms for what our nation is famous.



The term ‘Indian Classical Music’ represents two different, but related, age old, customs. Both of them are very well-known and come from two very different places in India. The North style is called ‘Hindustani’, which interprets to India, and South custom is also known as ‘Carnatic’. Classical melody is much more spiritual than group harmony. Its origin can be found from the oldest of scriptures, part of Hindu tradition, the Vedas and is also a mediation tool for attaining self-realization. To appreciate, you have to spend time with it. It is an achieved taste. Many individuals do not appreciate Carnatic music for the sensation it provides. This is why it is not too well-known among the Western group. This tune is much shorter in length than other melodies. It does not give the artists enough time to create a mood, so they concentrate on variety of ragas.



Not only the traditional music lovers but also others can also be at Chennai to learn about this music songs and you can also download music over there. In this event, scholars associated with Tapasya will assessment the important features of the classical presentations and discuss their significance to the existing dance scenario. Each show will be followed by interactions in which the audiences can take aspect. A panel discussion with T. Viswanathan, N. Pattabhiraman, B. M. Sundaram, Avanti Meduri, Devesh Soneji and Srividya Natarajan, will offer chance of viewpoint and concept. The Thanjavur/ Pandanallur bani will be offered by Professionals like Subbaraya Pillai, Gopalakrishnan Pillai and K. Chandrasekhar (son of late Guru Kittappa Pillai).  



Don’t miss this opportunity, have fun with the rich experience of enjoying ‘Thyagaraja kritis’ in an environment, which will take you to awesome stages. Significant Carnatic, Hindustani Stalwarst, Celebrities, Upcoming capabilities, Musicians, Dancers and Discoursers actions are going to certainly take your breathe out and shock you. You will also be able to taste various Indian and International Foods during this eight day event at a single point. Their awesome, idea focused on food stalls and special treats from major cooking experts will certainly take care of offering you unforgettable meals.


So go there with your buddies or families to find the treasure! Listen the exclusive songs with exclusive meals choice and be ready to get this awesome offering from Lakshman Sruthi.

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