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A shielding strategy against Negative Energies

Namaste' siblings,
Lately I felt many many negative attacks which i could send back as ping pong with the help of love and light.
The more we spread love the more darkness will try to cover us
The more light we spread, the more dark areas felt attacked.
And I have faced several of them but I was never be afraid
God made both designs
good and bad
light and darkness
good and bad
and we hold the key ... and we have the light ...May you be embraced by divine light now and forever
urs the onesoul

Shielding 101
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

A shielding strategy I can suggest is to start by invoking and surrounding yourself with the white light of Spirit’s blessing and uplifting. This is Step One .

Step Two: If further protection is desired or necessary, intention-up a shield all around, shaped like a geodesic-dome spherical shield, elongated on the vertical axis. (Think of a fat double-terminated clear quartz crystal in its vertical position.) The geodesic shield is composed of many scores of small triangles which fit together to form icosahedron-like structural elements, like the many faceted plates that fit together to make a geodesic dome. Only you are making your plates smaller (probably), and are making a geodesic sphere, with you inside at the center. The geodesic shield is made of titanium, an ultra-strong yet ultra-light metal.

You also intention-in the quality of selective reflectivity, so that anyone sending harm has its bounced back as Return-Mail-Refused-By-Sender. In extreme cases, you can intention an increase in the energy sent back, sufficient to dissuade the original sender. It is worth making clear that using the reflectivity feature on shielding should only be considered when the sender, e.g., Cabal, presents with unusually malicious and unusually powerful psychic attacking. Ordinarily, the shield itself is enough, i.e., the attack bounces off. But in exceptional cases, reflectivity may be considered.

Step Three: You can also, if you choose, add an additional perimeter outside the geodesic shield, which will be an outer shell of ultra-violet light. This can be pumped up to whatever intensity required to ward off malevolent operatives. I like to think of the ultra-violet shield as a kind of cosmic bug-zapper for the maleficent.

Further reflections on reflectivity: Reflectivity does not presume anger or hatred or evil intent on your part. It is, at its simplest, a mere refusal to be the recipient of the Sender's malicious energies. This provides the Sender with a choice. Having the malicious energies return and sit in front of him in his lap, does he really want to try again, (to no purpose), or should he abandon the project (the sensible conclusion). There is no implication in reflectivity that the defender wants to destroy the sender. It is merely returning unwelcome "mail" unopened.

If the Sender decides to try again, and amps up the evil energies he sends, well, reflectivity provides him with instant feedback on whether he really wants that additional amount of energy returned to sit in front of him for him to have to dispel or do something else with. In my experience they soon give up, having little patience for defeat.

It has been my personal experience to have found it necessary in dealing with Cabal attacks to employ high-multiples reflectivity, but since I am right up there with their prime targets, getting special treatment, I have found that I personally require an industrial-strength reflectivity in order to deal with the group psi-operatives and their coordinated psychotronic attacks. Such heavy-duty levels are not typically required for others.

When I shield, it is done with love, and trust in Source. When I perceive an attack incoming, I unemotionally shield-up and, if necessary, add reflectivity, so that the Sender has an opportunity to reflect on what he wants to do when his package is returned to him for proper disposal. I am quite aware that the Spiritual Law of Karma is in play, and I for one would not want the karma that the evil Sender accrues by sending his malicious energy hits.

To defend oneself is but to conform to the Spiritual Law of the Protection of Man.

We have a right to self-defense. And no one has the right to attack us. There is no moral fault in self-defense.

Shielding in the Fourth World environment should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. Make it your daily practice.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor

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