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God’s greatest gift to human being is nature. Whether one is observing an inspiring thunderstorm or eyeing up at a mighty tree, the experience of Mother Nature is one kind of awe. Nature is a vital part of our life. The poets and artists inscribe the beauty of nature in the form of paintings and poems. Although we appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and are aware of her treasures and blessings she bestows upon us, we lack in preserving it. When we see the beautiful flowers dancing in the breeze, the rivers, the waterfalls, the view of sunrise and the sunset, it fills our heart with a speechless emotion.


 Time spent at places with beautiful nature gives us the relaxation and freshens up our mind. Time consumed in feeling the depth of nature makes you realize that you cannot express them in words. <a href="">Animals </a>, plants, weather; geology of the Earth etc. of various types is generally referred to Nature. A great dwelling place for a family to relate with each other is in the beauty of nature.


<a href="">Nature</a>  provides us lot and lots of useful and beneficial things but we the dwellers do not care for it and always do something that harms the nature. As India is an over populated country there is serious problem of shelter for which we cut off the trees and build our houses. Trees are the biggest gift of the nature. They provide us food, shelter, medicines and other various things which human beings need.  The Oxygen which is required by living beings to survive is supplied by trees.


We should take care and preserve them as they are the essentials to lead life. It is said that even evil things surrender themselves before nature. It has been perceive that the patients in hospitals recover faster if they are surrounded by the pleasant views of beautiful nature. It is proved that providing pure pleasure of nature is a therapy to cure sick minds and bodies. So we should try our best to preserve it for our next generation. 


Poets are the nature readers who express their views and feelings in the form of poems and rhymes. Many well renowned poets have written various poems about nature and its beauty. Linda – the one of the best poet has written the poem on nature following are some lines: 


Sitting here holding my knees to my chest

Watching and hearing nature at its best;

I look at the sky so blue, sun shining so bright

Spreading heat and happiness with its blinding light;

I ponder how Nature could get it so right

When we have let Natures lessons get so out of sight;

In each other’s existence in harmony we could all survive

I’m sure like the sun, wind, tree, and birds our lives we could revive;


If only we let nature takes its course in each and every one of us each day and night

As I sit and ponder how Nature got it so right and we lost all sight.

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