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Global warming is a biggest and serious issue that requires an immediate action. It is a term that refers to an average increase in the temperature of the atmosphere at the global scale. It is noticeable near the Earth’s surface and also in the troposphere, which subsidizes to the changes in the global climate patterns. It also refers to the climate change, a significant and long lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over a period ranging from eras to millions of years. There are many different causes of global warming, some of the major cause that should be focused is rapid growth in population, deforestation and increase in number of vehicles, burning of the fossil fuels etc., the main cause is related with human interference, especially the discharge of greenhouse gases at extreme amount.

Let us stretch out the term greenhouse gases, it is stated as a gas present in atmosphere, which absorbs and produces radiation by solar warming of the Earth’s surface. They include the gases such as nitrous oxide (NO2), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapour and fluorinated gases, act like a greenhouse around the earth. These gases occur naturally, they are very much essential for the survival of human beings on the earth, as they generate heat which is trapped in the atmosphere and helps to reduce the temperature of the frost weather. Earth could not exist without the greenhouse gases as it plays a vital role in balancing the temperature. Although greenhouse gases occur naturally in the atmosphere, the raised levels especially of carbon dioxide and methane that have been observed in recent decades are conventionally related to human deeds such as the burning of fossil fuels and the deforestation of tropical <a href="">forests</a>.

The atmosphere of our planet Earth is warming up rapidly, due to burning of coal in power plant on large scale resulting in discharge of carbon dioxide on the excessive amount in the atmosphere. The major source of emission of carbon dioxide in atmosphere in today’s sense is immeasurable number of vehicles running on the road, leads to a rapid increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Cutting down the trees across the world is another major cause. It is predicted that thirty-four acres of trees are cut and burned every year that results in approximately 25 % of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. Over growth in population cannot be neglected as it contributes in emission of carbon dioxide in the <a href="">atmosphere</a>.

Global warming is very solemn problem that should be taken care of with suitable measures. I would suggest everyone to avoid travelling through carbon emitting vehicles and ride bicycle or walk whenever possible, replace all lights in the house with efficient fluorescent lights, clean the filters of appliances regularly, wash clothes in cold water and prefer to line dry rather than machine dry, use low flow shower in order to avoid wastage of water, reduce the garbage, unplug the electronic items when not being used, plant trees as much as you can, your house should be well insulated, paper and paper products should be recycled, try and make best out of waste. As it is said that prevention is better than cure, we should take appropriate measures to preserve our planet earth. So let us contribute a bit

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