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When I started creating art works from science based themes in the beginning and till recently, I didn't even know people use reference photos to create realistic or photo-realistic pictures! It is just like copying from the photos! Such xerox-copy, non-thinking type of art works attract people as they show the exact picture.

However, I create art works like I see them in my mind! People who do this imaginative art works don't see the minor details of the pictures - they just see a vague picture in their minds. So it is difficult for me to create a realistic picture. They will be only vague imaginative figures! I know they will be flat to look. After creating them, now sometimes I try to add depth as long as it doesn't interfere with the theme. My works have depth in the theme not pictures. I feel my works should not distract people from grasping the theme by concentrating on other things. 

I don't even use models! All the thoughts, pictures - everything comes directly from my mind onto the canvases, table tops or floors ( installations ) or videos.

Several people here ask me what type of art is this and why I don't create realistically by using photos and models. I tell them my work is deep thinking art and very imaginative! ( Here I want to clarify that I know even realists think - but they think about only colours, tone, composition, depth etc. which is superficial and not as deep as imaginative - theme based work! ) You can see how to create science-based art here:  

In my view deep-thinking imaginative art work exactly fits the definition of creativity.

Now I leave it to the world to see and think whether my type of art which doesn't copy from anything is one of the right ways of creating art or not!

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