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What Colour Are You?
You can find out here:

Well I am IMA High Red! 

I'm Goal oriented, Go Getter, Focused, Driven, Competitive, Authoritative, Achiever.  

High Reds tend to answer "Yes!" to many of the following questions:

Do you work impressively by yourself and require very little external motivation to achieve your goals?

Do you tend to make quick decisions as soon as you see the benefits of a product or service?

Do you move forward confidently, even if the decision was not 100% correct, knowing you can make mid-course corrections?

Tips on how to get to deal with me in a better way: Be practical, Be brief, Be assertive, Be to the point, Be supportive of my goals, Be respectful of my time, Show strength!

To find out the qualities of High Reds , please watch the video

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