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Art what is this, if not the same as an environmental awareness at beginning of the 3rd MILLENNIUM

,a theme given the title of my work, "Homage WOOD", which this year received an international tender for the 4th Biennial, Beijing, 2010. China in competition with about 100 participating countries from around the Wotld. The exhibition will open in late September 2010th http / /
On the subject environment, ecology reject and post modern art there will be a symposium organized by the organizer of the Association of Artists of China, National Museum, Beijing, the Ministry of Culture and Science China.

The so-called art, what is it, if not in addition to all the proposed number of derivatives in a single definition of the categories of expressing our awareness of our built-in everything from our 5 senses, a kind of so-called homosapijens communication with all humans, are also carriers of various material such as wood, that tissue , as we are natural products and the largest living creatures of our planet Earth. She gave us everything, and thus determine all the important and not only our existence but her whole body, which we are only a part of it, and that knowledge of this work fits in my opinion, and on the fourth title Biennale, Beijing 2010th Everything else is higher privilege, truth, what a world in itself beyond our knowledge and more natural determinants as the basis of everything, so sometimes I wonder, is not the art of interaction of all this? General manifestations of nature in detail and a whole both in terms of identical and Life, Nature, a kind of universal harmony. In addition a number of our senses and the so-called metabolism, a myriad of details and sometimes us and permeates the so-called Che, spiritual and creative inspiration, units, throughout the history of man resides in the effort to communicate with her, and one might say, by their very existence that is thus with you? So, in your culture is and how sensible you for a continuous period of art and recorded a spiritual reverence and silk material by the provider of dual nature, and the only light to wave-particle and our spiritual and material existence, the web image (Tao), as well as segments my work (concave convex), I think the overall theme of the motives "Homage to a tree" both in terms of ecology and again, in my opinion should not be a privilege only human life forms? Everything is alive in some way, even things outside of our awareness and understanding of and experience from which it springs, and the art is probably my imagination!?

Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to Earth, only to be what we know with certainty of consciousness, our own and of itself! It is not man the creator of so-called universal "loom", nor life, nor his, nor any other, and if, they say synthetic protein which gives rise to seemingly new species and chemical culture, artificial cells. Even if it is not man-made basically the same as nature itself, only a correlation or imitators of the Creator, the human mind, and by me and the earth where it was created, according to some, theistic point of view of the Almighty and his mind. Whenever it is only one kind of string in the base of the so-called chemical carrier material on Earth. Remains the same, the interaction between elements in the Field of the Universe, by S. Hawking and the so-called space-time, namely quantum-qualitative, of the same and perhaps singular world. Everything is connected basically its texture, in both law and thermodynamic Maxwell's theory, and say that is bursting like crazy, strange light, wave-particle inconceivably immense shadow of invisible so-called black matter, or gravity, as in the speculative philosophy of Hellenic culture in Dialogues of Plato and his idea of precursors, non-preserved Sokrat's, largely on the basis of the metaphysical, the sublime emerged from the world of shadows. All this is permeated even before the charisma like Jesus Christ, according to Aristotle and the helio-centric, and it was a long, long experience in our type of precursor and flat on the back of a turtle. All the collisions in the so-called "God's master“, and by Feynman, the world mirror reality, the so-called holograms, for us mere mortals is still the cry of G. Gallileo "E pur si MUOVE“, only round. With this kind of ideal, has become slightly oval at N. Copernicus. So far its core, strato-happy atmosphere "framed" in the Sun system visible world in its evolutionary path, at 5 so-called Euclidean postulates of abstract ideal, and in the same issue of our senses that we are so-called experience and mundane reality of it as a universal habitat of our receptors. The so-called lessons of our reality in education and self-determination of life cultivated through time, which varies from Kant rapidly since Newton and Leibniz apprenticeship so, wisdom known before and Anaksimandar, Thales, Pythagoras. It extends from where the sun rises, the wisdom of the East, the hidden truth in the material record holder of all time in the present state of cross Earth's crust that is moving and moving, evolving and horizontally and vertically before the pre-Cambrian explosion, which is near full various theories and dogmas and religions, this is our one, the only follow the mother earth and rise to the so-called darwinistic selection theory, the same one that now covers my born, and died recently, according to her belief in the love of Christ, which dominates in the Empire of Heaven over matter, forever! The linear time, they say that we are so mortal, though I know that is not so, but only to the original sort of "live" beyond our five senses in all incredible. That's why I now happy as when she was just living my mother even though I sometimes sad because it is not, perhaps the regrets of my ego, self, and by Richard Dawkins determined from the selfish gene which is to me and my father's DNA transferred, she, reproductive mother. Everything it is and she inherited from her ancestress from Africa, in common ancestor of us and monitoring of habitats, the environment, Earth in the basics "DNA" called the Universe. Like my countryman Nikola Tesla, who had developed the internal senses and the function of high-frequency electric motors, generators and his ideas, nano-resonance and imagination. Where the basis of collective consciousness, biologism man lies in the development and society. World civilization is always the last even created and failed, once again rising, despite hundreds of brilliant individuals in our human liberties, and Western history from the knowledge and wisdom, observations and beliefs, cultivating the past to the present. Before and after the linear code of understanding of past times to the postmodern era 3rd Millennium, the so far, forming new illusion, that the truth of the Future (canons and postulates and dogmas) of the so-called universal, and so the term ecology of the working title of 4th Biennale, Beijing 2010th. Therefore, in art and creative consciousness, ie, imagination, where I think the very future of springs, which at any time present in the pragmatics plunges into the overall history of the plusquamperfectum are of another time in the magnificent oblivion, the holder of any material deterioration of the artifacts and spiritual results, track. This menu is based on the largest infinity, reaches only a little trace in history, and this remains my work, or creative imagination, they will disappear when the wooden segments and other carriers, such as historical memory, from the Internet. I looked at it and see the starry night sky in flashes, which greatly and there is so despite vellike speed of light, while we still see and experience, and long gone are the so-called nothing. Zero. Because our memories remind us of awareness about themselves and us in our dreams of habitats and environments on Earth learned of the sky seen from the experiences and memories about the past, without which no self-awareness would not have been possible, from within itself, without these our , by nature, some say him, the Deity, the Holy Spirit, Manitou, the Supreme Creator and given us five senses. There is in my opinion, the source of the Environmental extremes, when the shake and the balance between material and spiritual, quantum qualitative, as we witness all currently living and not just men, but the entire planet, which we are only doing the kind of low, same as what is she, and the solar system events in galaxies in the constellation of Orion, where they say that in the mist of the Great Horse forms and materials, and they say the so-called again from scratch, from nothing? A galaxy is swarming billions more, creating a universe in infinity, as well as opposite to the neutrino, the so-called particles without mass, dual nature. This insight seems so empty and matter as well as macro-world, up to 5% of everything that is dynamically expanding, as the inflated balloon membrane in the speed of light years and its box anything to anything, ether, the Creator of all, sensible to us from the Doppler effect. And by Hubbel's constants derived law, expanding the so-called universe, and after the findings of the first event anyone or what, it is expected that tightness in the proportional reverse direction of movement of time and events, a formula derived in Constanta, and Max Planck. Crononu the -34 power of chores that can not be finer, to be a significant event, and yet claim that it is precisely the unity of everything and nothing, so that no virtuous A. Einstein could not, like no one so far to connect these events in the mighty the formula remains the most famous of which defines us, and now, E = mc2. Therefore, it is probably most pronounced, and his thoughts, in my opinion, where we and she comes from a substantive holder of the basics of our body and consciousness, rational, and thus the sentence literally reads: "Imagination is in front of knowledge." By me saying this just corresponds to this a theme in my creative and intellectual work, of simple segments in coniferous wood and the so-called global problems, from the title. No trade pretentiousness, finishing, but the ordinary processing, simple processing, and with a bit of fire will read all forms and textures of wood, and the idea is a polemic and not only from the experiences of motifs, but rises and stimulates the imagination and from the so-called knowledge of all things a bit here the specified. So let's say about global warming, according to some, and vice versa, I would not call it all natural ecological process, but human consciousness and understanding of the term and the issues from time immemorial, what we are and who we are, here on Earth, as well as Nature by itself, without us it will always remain, and we without it, no? Only then let everyone decide, and not only from the linear timeline of virtual and abstract mathematical and geometrical values, concave convex attractors natural string that vibrates the chords on the so-called perfection. determinants of mathematical chaos. Also in the fractal beauty of form, where in addition to all variables within the graphic system of Descartes, I feel that I have polluted our experience perverts what is called the Creator? God or nature, theistic-atheistic assessment through the specified number of the senses? Hubell says that every man in that a scientist, and spiritual components that we carry in relation to habitat, from the Environment, and then cultured in education and we are also spiritual beings, some by declaring themselves as believers, not me, I am an artist supposedly (a claim that it is every man) who is also the Greek tradition of the greatest blasphemer, an opponent of the Minotaur on Earth, at the same time as the photoelectric effect, said Nobel Prize winner. So I guess because the other half of my life several believe in dogma, but a law of nature from the postulates of mathematics, following Moses' charisma more than the Pythagorean theorem or Gauss's counter-move away from the standard in math, now even more abstract science, when Albert E. realized that the universe is dynamic, that is expanding and that the Catholic debate with Bohr, suspecting that God die, and the servant of God, the Catholic doctrine Lemaitreu was synonymous with insulting God, for it has failed in the theory of the first burst, so he asked his Sorry I did not recognize his genius. So the rest of life, and not only tried, unsuccessfully so far to merge incompatible into a single formula for all physical and mathematical postulates of abstract virtuale mathematics, geometry and other knowledge of the world where we live, and those from quantum space forces as bursting into the package and the macro world, the Universe and all along the Universe. Horrified by the thought that one thing or event takes place simultaneously in two inconceivably distant places beyond the speed of light, which seems to us all the pressure and the truth in the ecology of our habitat, environment, earth, and I finally said, always the same in our consciousness about the relationship between the rational and the spiritual ego, ie, the Earth and everything! Everything belongs to the site, the Earth, the sole provider of a variety of material and gravitational and electromagnetic forces and background echo, cosmic force. So I did this my work, allegedly devised a creative and associative cultural knowledge and supposedly belong to, and entitled "Omage of tree“, laid on the ground in 8 elements, the oscillator in its entirety and all convex concave detail, with those segments for which say they are not my culture, and I know that we belong to a Universal, the Earth, all together, and I want them to know even more, as well as Chinese. Most out of a single reason, which is due to a number of its permanence, continuity, credibility and correlates of the new momentum and tradition, through a long history, and everybody's on 6 continents of Asia and Europe, from Africa to Australia via South America, and before them as a unified whole, so far, within the country and outside of time chords, all the universe, Tao!

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Comment by Milivoj Šegan on August 19, 2010 at 5:33am
Thank you very much Dr.Krishna, my dear friends .... not handled very good English .. but try to some extent .. I think I am better in artistic expression and conservation ,and of the best in their native language (smile)
Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on August 19, 2010 at 4:52am
Thanks for this wonderful blog & information.

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