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As artists and conservator with experience of over 30 years and connoisseur of modern, scientific, analytical procedures / nondestructive and destructive methods /, argues that the scientific team detected only and all layers of the stain, first / protective / paint over the image derived brush and oil paint. More sensationally, known to the general mass of people Madonnas painted on canvas, La Giaconda. Sfumato the painting process in the structure of the entire section painted the back, that is the intersection of the basics of color on canvas, grund, and the payment of the total cross-section images of so-called substantive holder. The whole layer of paint and painted siccative, Renaissance oil on canvas .. Although Leonardo alchemical things and applied research, journalists in ignorance of the methodology are probably insufficiently consulted spokesman scientific reports, or he himself overlooked the conservation ethic and not well versed in painting technology and issues sfumato in terms of pigments and binders / as little as possible /? I think it's hasty inconsistent information is intended for copyright sensationalism without a critical and coherent paragraph a review before putting into the world public? The above problem sfumati whom they mentioned that the coating formed fingers said nothing about the results of analysis of the types of binders and aging, perhaps even in the many layers. If it worked 4 years for all within these layers, there was chemical contamination, Renaissance painting technology and his touch, a kind of unwanted chemical reactions, possibly nano biosphere, which in this case the inevitable happened outside awareness builder current visual status portraits. The color fades and sepia occurs or the protective layer of audit changes? If it is not auditing, it is no small problem, artistic value of the original state of pigment is inevitably lost, irretrievably lost an aging intensity of the original color? Of course, over time, and certainly, as I said, beyond the expected awareness of author L. Davincija. A journalist to proclaim sfumati technology, which is certainly not grounded truth. All of the images next to secondary, primary preserve of aging pigment and binder as whatever it was, the rest are tertiary values. The most common are poor because they are inaccurate alchemical recipes like today, improvisation and voluminous and weight and what I see from the newspaper article and television news is a typical example of under-coordinated information and partly grounded in reported sensational views of conservation rhetoric. Only databases and descriptions of methods potentially hiding the truth and the more recent on this subject, "eternal" theme around this ingenious portrait / the enigmatic smile. It is obvious that science today is increasingly suffering from a lack of journalistic sensationalism, or at least modern criticism, to say the lack of professional ethics, at least the whole of the region of conservation of cultural heritage and fine arts.I've learned not to sfumato painting, but only a method of visual manifestation of deep space. This is not art, it's just kind of applied technology that is not a psychological category of art, certainly not with Leonard because he is basically one of hundreds of individual creators of the world picture, ie, scientist, researcher, designer and technical art for him was what PC Tools to us today.

Šegan Milivoj sculptor and senior conservator by profession Croatian Ministry of Culture!

Translate:Jasna Dragun,artist

PS attached to this replica enclose two sites unusually valuable and interesting quantum physicists and scientists in nanotechnology, a university professor of physics at the Faculty of Science, and internationally recognized scientists, who among others wrote a paper on the topic: "construction of reality" and the excellent book " PROBLEM viewers ".

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Comment by Milivoj Šegan on June 10, 2012 at 5:41am

Deltaedar as Leonardo, 16 November 2009. The scientists from the Zagreb-Croatia, Dr Antonio Siber / physicist

Leonardo's hair, 06 November 2009. the

my digital drawings polyhedron-optical dynamic cantor cube

Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 30, 2012 at 2:03am
Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 16, 2012 at 6:09pm
Madonna is immaterial for the imagination of Leonardo (spirituality is differentfrom that of real time grossBuntorpor knowledge of dominant canons passed at the Vatican in the late 15th century as a new illusion of perspective that he knew that stifles spirituality that is praised,, antiques, and loaded when the materialmanifestation was composing a new workIt is not pragmatic perfection whichhas long tried to touch upprecisely because it is time that changed the visualimpact and chemical template. He used it as its effecthe was able to balance for years, but the chemistry perfect improvisation inevitable changes in the tangiblecarrier, which is good protection just because placed at intervalsAnd so as aconservator monitor changes in multiple layers and a sculpture by patinaDue to the impact on the intensity and the effect works like the old patinaParticulartarget effect of an ideal balance of old and newsfumato effect that stifles local color, and imitates his drawingsFor the best in the drawingssepia, and a phenomenal artistartsiluzja balance is the basic tool of all his thoughtsand it'sdrawing, other dimensions and modulation illusion volumena.njegov daktilitet is a softdiffused as it simultaneously created a historic patinathe structure and texture as well as nowHe had a photo about the case, as when he developed the classic image of developer time and depending on the lightingchemicalemulsion grades of paper and chemical developeris looking to while under redlight generated in the lab!                                                                                                                                                                                                    
My drawing of the Academy four years, contrary to the contourwhere with little content displayed any description of the act and movement without seriousmodeling of light and shadow as the Renaissanceso he and Leonardo had a need, without a lot of material up to expressdebit sphere is stronger when notmaterial, foggy,, stifledwith aging is seen that the intensity change is happening,sepiaall the technology in the oil., and this is a problem that is trying to prevent cheating, the so-called art sfumato, which will no longer remain variable,!
Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 16, 2012 at 5:04pm
Sfumatothe sfumato style of painting which is named after the Italian word Fumo,which means smokeAs the name suggestsskillfully avoiding the sharp contoursand boundsthe effect is achieved by a transparent veil covering that obscuresthe entire compositionLeonardo da Vinci was the first artist who promoted the technique, and those who are familiar with the practical use of color and drawingare those who know what it isDrawing is the foundation of all visual techniquesfrom prehistoric times until today, the basis of the skeletonSo the sfumatotechnique, which suffocates the color and border color is područiju-drawingmodeling light-shadow base his mystiqueThe balance of intensity and not theexperience that confuses the theorists who have experience of creating arteitherpainting, drawing or sculptingAging time of sfumato art makes changes to theprotective layeror pigment formtexture .. physical template created and sepia,brown and fuzzy intensity changes simultaneously improve intenzitet.Iluzija originalworks which directly can be difficult to achieve any artist. Greek philosophy to create the best when you say the sculpture comes with Olympus 1000 years andis influenced by environmental factors as the torso of the original. It is fascinating, and Leonard, and imitated antiquity immediately (apshishen) by a Germanversion of the pale of agingThe history and drawing it has long been usedpreviously to create these illusionsWell so I did a portrait of Croatian poets,sfumato drawing paper structure devoid of color, light, shadow structures andsediment-charcoal pencilVisible detail in the eyeSfumato Engr drawing!

Comment by lucia mesquita bleasby on May 14, 2012 at 7:13am

Who was Mona Lisa?        Who is Mona Lisa?       It has always been called the Mona Lisa, that is, Madonna Lisa di Antonio Maria Gherandini, wife of wealthy Florentine citizen Francesco del Giocondo, who in 1503 commissioned Leonardo a portrait of his young wife. The table is also called La Gioconda. No one knows for sure, but if the restless Leonardo came to finish the order. It is probable that the painting began as a portrait of his wife's noble, but turned into something much bigger - the image of the idea that Leonardo was the beauty perfeita.La GIOCONDA

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is probably the most famous painting in the world. You are at the Louvre Museum in Paris, protected by a thick bulletproof glass. the picture is surprisingly small (77 x 53 cm) yet nearly 500 years ago the Mona Lisa has inspired poems, songs, paintings, sculptures, novels, myths, rumors, forgeries and thefts, and today his face appears in countless advertisements worldwide. When it was first displayed, it was considered that she brought a new dimension of realism and truth to the art of painting.

Scenario: At the bottom of the picture of Mona Lisa are two landscapes, the right, too high, and the left, very low. 
The place of connection between these two points is hidden behind the head of Mona Lisa.

Absent eyebrows: The most likely explanation is that Leonardo put his eyebrows as a finishing touch the paint dry face, but the first time that the frame was clean (perhaps in the seventeenth century) the restorer used a solvent inappropriate and eyebrows for dissolved ever. This serves as a warning to restaurateurs that utmost care should have.
Windows of the soul: Will Mona Lisa's eyes, as has been said often express a supernatural wisdom? Leonardo himself described the eye as "the window of the human body, through which he reflects on his way and brings to enjoy the beauty of our world, by which the soul is content to stay on his arrest human"

Enigmatic smile: Mona Lisa's eyes attract their landscapes. This game is opposite visual attractions in the center of Mona Lisa and makes the eye see a slight fear in the corners of his mouth. It is this fear that gives the impression that she is about to break into a smile more open.

Sleeves: The sleeves were painted in a style clear and well defined, with strong contours, consistent with the style of the earlier work of Leonardo. However the cloth over the shoulder of Mona Lisa was painted in a style very smooth, like that of the artist's later works. This suggests that Leonardo worked on the framework for a considerable period of time, you may only have completed the painting in 1510.

Armchair: The arm of the chair, almost parallel to the painting, enhances the gentle curve of the back and head.

Intricate curves: The dress has a complex knots and embroidery stitches.Leonardo was fascinated by drawings as well, which have been targets of many ingenious interpretations. If this product has any meaning, it is still a mystery, and therefore fits well with the spirit of Mona Lisa.

Rocky Landscape: The rocky landscape is a very appreciated by Leonardo, who used it frequently. He was particularly fascinated by the movement of water.

Contours smoky: The locks of hair falling lightly on the right shoulder of Mona Lisa merge with rocks and left shoulder in a distant line of the aqueduct. The smoky outline that mixes with the mysterious ambiguity gives background to the climate and creates the illusion of movement, that gives this picture a strange sense of life.

Columns: oddly in the corner of the frame has no apparent purpose, and no other on the opposite side of the frame. However, they show that the painting was originally flanked by columns of the two sides to reinforce the illusion that Mona Lisa is sitting on a counter. The original panel was cut from both sides and columns withdrawn.

Fine hands: One of the strengths of the framework is the beautiful shape of hands.The hands are completely relaxed, thereby accentuating the gentle majesty of the figure represented.

Sombre colors: The skin has a greenish tinge, caused by excessive cleaning.However, Leonardo used colors much darker than his contemporaries.

"Techniques of Painting" - Sfumato

Is the name of sfumato artistic technique used to generate gradients in perfectlight and shadow create a drawing or a painting.

Leonardo da Vinci is considered the father of Sfumato, materials / media friction, such as graphite, pastel or charcoal.

What contributed to Leonardo da Vinci's sfumato art was that he realized that theveneer of wood reacted with oil paint. After a first hand paint, even with the tableshowing marks of brushes, Leonardo da Vinci spent a varnish on the paint timberso that the varnish borrasse oil paint, creating a perfect gradient and masking the sensation of touch . The process of moving the varnish over the painting wasrepeated several times during the process of creating the painting.

Note beside the painting Mona Lisa. It is virtually impossible to understandstrokes and sudden changes in color, due to the use of Sfumato screen.

As the technique of painting Sfumato was innovative in the Italian Renaissance,has set itself the creation of the technique Sfumato (in general) to Leonardo daVinci.

In friction materials such as graphite, pastel or charcoal, the sfumato is donerubbing your finger over the area with views of risk, so that these risks are gone,and stay clean just the result of the gradient.

Also in friction materials, also the technique of stump. A pencil made of cottonwhich replaces the friction of the finger. Skin oils often impairs sfumato, so thestump is used.

Comment by lucia mesquita bleasby on May 14, 2012 at 6:42am


  Visual Perception, the smile painted by Leonardo da Vinci disappear when looking directly at it and reappears when the attention is fixed elsewhere in theframe.
In view of this researcher at Harvard University, the artist created the illusion to usein the sixteenth century, "intuitively," a trick that only now beginning to have a scientific basis.
Livingstone's theory relies on the fact that the human eye have a central vision, very good at recognizing details, and other peripheral, much less precise, but moreappropriate to capture the shadows.
"Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa's smile using shadows that we see much betterwith our peripheral vision," he said.
So to see the Mona Lisa smile is to look into your eyes or any other part of the picture, from the lips stay in the field of peripheral vision.
After publishing the theory that the expression is due to the measure of central vision had higher resolution than the peripheral, the researcher now studying why so many geniuses of painting had some degree of disability.

Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 13, 2012 at 1:20pm

Thanks a lot lady Lucy,, for your put on a very valuable document of a great genius,Leonardo da Vinci and the his  private life of an unhappy man, as most individuals in allperiods, because art is the freedom of man and not canon, neither technique nor ethics nor moralityneither aesthetic nor Institutional favorite false values!

Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 13, 2012 at 1:07pm

And this would be looked at Carl Sagan, my namesake. (His original surname is Maintainer. like me in the translation of the pagan era and .. .. builder,to) (-_-) that was born as I, from the same habitat as Nikola Tesla!

My digital shot "Mastadont human spirit and mind (-_-)

Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 13, 2012 at 12:13pm
One of the many  self portraits of my car,, formed by chancethe research possibilitiesof what I seebut chipprogrammedapertureor so-called technical devicea copy of our brain .. the eye lens and exposure .. time and spacelight and lightdistortionfrom the cycle of "divine Matrixand "Break the Euclidean the" MyDigital recording.!
With an international Photo exhibition of photo distortion of light
Comment by Milivoj Šegan on May 13, 2012 at 11:53am

How the brain creates consciousness and the human ability to reason?
Albert Dürer was also burdened with a portrait of his car. All artists artists, in essence manifest sebe.nije there is nothing strange or sensational!

The nervous system is composed of cells (neurons). Svan neuron consists of a core and an elongated cell. What we call a nerve is a bundle of extra time. Thus, these nerve cells transmit nerve impulses (electrical or biochemical way). Think of them as a series of waves that are constantly passing through the station, propagation speed of 80 meters per second. Impulses pass from one neuron to another. All roads lead to the brain. In fact, the cortex of the brain is our most important psychologically for life. The cortex is about as thick paper surface two sheets of A3 paper. It is full of malls. Here they are traveling pulses which become nerve activity. Pulses can be all (from a touch to the speech, including the creative process to mirror his memory oblika.Svi artists are subject to self-portraits, even in nesvjsnom have copies of all your libida.percepcije including Leonardo's La Giakonda. Known to be exercised dissection of their own ego .. as if he were alive today, would certainly exercised the anatomy of the brain, Lobo Tomi could only reach as an artist, not a scalpel at the time. And now the brain is an enigma to all the theists and scientists, all roads lead the brain (Rome) (-_-) in the interpretation of the world, all! I'm basically a sculptor, from childhood memories of the first, was born in the forest as Aboriginal,, (-_-) .. up to a humble familystudying at the Academy, from student days to the present I do, and analytical methods, as well as senior conservator, I follow all state carrier material and that is all it will not only art, but what matters is the matter,? light and its nature, physics, and the finality of who I am? and who and what environment in the visible spectrum of matter, resonance light .. it is the heat resistance no longer exists, all is illusion,, l'art pur l art., the so-called reality.! Arheoločki empirical approach he entered into slow .. the last two centuries and it is not good, the concept of so-called,, umjetnosti.isamu will approach individual creation, and not function and the reasons for any institution .. Misuse of art is the ultimate depravity of individuals not only Vienna and social perception, not a small number of institutions, Education and behavior influence kolektivnokm awareness, attack the very essence of the individual and nature. Ecology consciousness must change, otherwise there will be good to mediocre to impose his vision of reality and beauty of Illusion, the spiritual sphere at the turn of Socrates-Plato-Aristotle. Sikrat was right, because the deleted entirely from his best students, falsified, and Plato is to blame for everything that is the burden of the 21st century, because was his best pupil Aristotle,, allowed too much power in the interpretation of the so-called reality, its ideal form and said: Who does not know geometry may not enter the academy. This is the worst statement in the last 3 Millennium!

My work .. sketch of stone, a large sculpture of "The Pyramid of growing up" on the subject of Jesus' birth selected from 3 seen from Babylon (Astronomers :) For all you nevalja or be guilty or responsible upbringing and environment, stanište.Prvih 7 years , until the end of his life with me pagan approach. their manifesto correlates with the environment, and to them the nature of my role models, and ordinary people, the widest layer, is my best in everything and wiser now, and this is the message itself and mocking laughter Leonardo portraits, portraits of his car from his youth, against whom violence is done, from whom he was fleeing a life of institutions and freedom of creation from the Christian canon, and the Inquisition! So to escape from all the rules even in the arts, all the freedoms and unity of the individual as a creator rather than any religious institution or scientific. All the dogmatic and can not be put under the denominator verification, it is the very essence of art, of all, and every individual, and mine. For all three times: past and present are budućnost.sve-up to 2 options on the paradox of the Doppler effect, red or purple spectrum, the fate of the world .. The spread of freezing absolute zero shrinkage or return to point zero, the absolute boiling point, it is only 2 concept of death for sada.a everything else is life in all variations of possible unless these events! Scornful ridicule by the Truth, The Gijakonde, a basically unhappy man, whom the institution,, .. as a tortured genius and all, in history, the symbolism of the second of his time E'pur simulation, because he saw what What else does (telescope, the light and nothing more!



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