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India comes alive in December with an electric mix of old-fashioned and contemporary festivals and events. From classical to electronic dance music, and local performers to international DJs, it's all on proposal. A Massive Procession of embellished Elephants and games as well will be held on December 22nd to January 1st, 2012 at Fort Kochi, Kerala. The ten days colourful Cochin Carnival changed from Portuguese New Year celebrations held in Cochin during colonial rule. Somewhat  being a traditional cultural event, it's more about feasting and fun, with, games, beach sports, competitions , dancing, dirt bike races, and fireworks. It is a jolly making festival attended by hundreds of people. The carnival closes with a huge march on New Year's Day.


Today, it has evolved as an occasion for the youth to enjoy the party-like atmosphere. Sports, competitions and radiance during these days give Fort Kochi a festive look. The highlight of the Carnival is the massive procession on the New Year Day. It is absolutely a dazzling traditional style and glory marked with parties and fiestas in order to celebrate to their heart’s content.


The procession is led by a caparisoned elephant and escorted by drums and music, huge floats, different folk art forms, Panchavadyam and various other north Indian dance forms that figure in the festivities. Cochin or Kochi masses a carnival every year in the last week of December and it goes along with the New Year. While the hangovers come to an end on the 1st of January from the extremes of the night before and the friendliness of the New Year’s wishes are at its enjoyable highs, the Carnival begins near about 4′O clock in the evening in the Fort Kochi area. Events like Kalam Vara (floor drawing), tug-of-war, Beach Volleyball, Sea-Swimming, Beach Bike Race and Beach Football make it more interesting and amusing, prizes are given to the winners. On the last day i.e. on New Year’s Day elephants will be brought out on the roads, marching along with the melodies of the instrument known as ‘Panchavadyam’ echoes throughout the city.


There is a big thing about cochin that it was the head-quarters of Portuguese and it is to be believed, the New Year parties of them were all night activities and also conduct various events to show case their wealth and style. This festival was originated in 1500-1600 era when Portuguese colonialists ruled the trade of pepper and spice running out of India. Later on in mid of 1600 Cochin was taken over by the Dutch. Kochi and Cochin are same at terms only the Kochi is renamed as Cochin.


Arrangements generally begin before a month for hosting the unique games, fairs and partying during this grand and massive occasion. People are dressed up in fancy dresses, including all ages; mainly children are seen bursting with enthusiasm. Colour white simply take over the concluding 10 days of December, during this festival. All setting up in the city is done with white paper ribbons. The events and celebrations continue till midnight of December 31st with fireworks marking the grand finale. What’s new will be added let’s wait and watch. If you find yourself in Kochi around New Year, you attend the carnival. I guarantee you will have a great amount of fun. 

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