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India a powerful five letter word that has a strong diversity where the people of different religions, caste, sects etc. resides together and have respect for all the religions. It is one of the fastest developing nations in all aspects. It is a country with the enormous and immortal treasures that reveal the history of the past decades. Many national leaders have given their lives for our mother land. National Emblem itself indicates the unity of our country. In present times India you see is young, eager to grow and is developing waves in global market. It is honoured with the title of “Incredible India” and in our mother tongue it is tagged as “Atulya Bharat”.


The term Incredible stands for unbelievable i.e. is beyond belief or understanding, marvellous or astonishing, inspiring etc. It is an appellation of an international marketing campaign of India by the government to endorse tourism in the year 2002 to universal spectators. Our nation is the seventh largest country on the map which is renowned from last 60 years for its diversity in religion, traditions, culture, values and ethics; but still it is creating big effort to materialize as a globalized country. In past years our country has overcome with a speedy progression. Currently as per the census India is developing at 30% per annum.


 India is undoubtedly the individual nation in the world which claims the age old traditions, vivacious culture and inestimable destinations which showcases her incredibility in the factual logic. The enormous diversity of our land has always tempted travellers towards this land. It has so many features which is to be unknotted. Its dimensions can be discovered only by planning a journey to India, a land full of amazements. Every place, destination has no similarity among them and is an entity in itself.


There are seven wonders in world and one of it exists in India, it is also named as the monument of love i.e. Taj Mahal situated in Agra, a city of Uttar Pradesh. Since ages this monument has been spreading the memorandum of love. Agra claims of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites named as Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra Fort. The most famous cities with historical monuments are Jaipur, Rajasthan, Dehli, Kerala, Uttar-pradesh, Bihar, etc. India is considered as a treasure house of monuments. As these testimonials are fragment of our heritage and culture they are very significant for us so these monuments should be preserved like wealth.


The most famous monument of our country is Taj Mahal. The structure, art and architecture reveal the story of love and affection; people around the world arrive in India to view this unique monument. There are many beautiful places in India that gives us pleasure and freshness and signifies the beauty of nature such as Kashmir, Ladakh, Shimla, Rohtang etc. India is also well known for its delicious food and beverages. Our Indian cinema also adds stars to the board of our nation.


In inclusive aspects, my country India is truly unique and actually incredible.

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